ManShrooms Immunity (40% Off)
ManShrooms Immunity (40% Off)
ManShrooms Immunity (40% Off)
ManShrooms Immunity (40% Off)
ManShrooms Immunity (40% Off)

ManShrooms Immunity (40% Off)

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Strengthen your immune system with a daily dose of nature’s most powerful immunity-boosting superfoods.

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Helps to support immune function. Helps to support the immune system.

Source of fungal polysaccharides with immunomodulating properties. 

Helps in collagen formation to maintain healthy bones, cartilage, teeth and/or gums.

Source of antioxidants for the maintenance of good health.


The mushrooms in MANSHROOMS IMMUNITY are very nutritiously dense.
Chaga, for example, is packed full of:

vitamin D


B-complex vitamins









But they also contain substances that trigger your immune response, like beta-glucan (found in MANSHROOM’S Organic Chaga).

Consuming beta-glucan triggers your immune system response in an attempt to protect you from this substance that your body doesn’t make on its own. This results in your immune system being on ‘high alert’, which helps it target and neutralize threats to your body before they infect you.

What Makes it

‘MAN’ Shrooms?


While Reishi is good for immunity. There are other mushrooms and ingredients that match it’s effectiveness, and then some.

MANSHROOMS is called ‘man shrooms’ because we don’t include ingredients that negatively impact your male hormones like your master male hormone and its more powerful cousin, DHT, while including ingredients that help increase your male hormone health.

Reishi blocks the binding of test and DHT, which you do not want in an ingredient and especially in a supplement. DHT is a more potent form of test that you want flowing through your body. (Liu J, Shiono J, Shimizu K, Kukita A, Kukita T, Kondo R. Ganoderic acid DM: anti-androgenic osteoclastogenesis inhibitor. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 2009;19(8):2154-2157.)

Rather than including Reishi mushrooms in this immunity blend, we included white button mushrooms, which actually blocks your body from converting your master male hormone into female hormone estrogen, while also being packed full of nutrients that boost the immune system.

Full Doses.
No Proprietary Blends.

Whenever you see ‘blend’ in a supplement, it means they’re combining ingredients typically in lower than effective doses. Some even call it ‘proprietary’, but it’s really just a marketing trick to make a cheaper supplement.

With every MITAnutra supplement, we use full, clinically effective doses in every serving of the best formula that can be created for your health and performance.

MANSHROOMS IMMUNITY continues this, with full, clinically effective doses of 4 of the most powerful immunity-boosting ingredients in nature, and you can see the doses right on the label rather than being hidden in a ‘blend’.

No gimmicks or marketing tricks. Just full doses of the best ingredients in nature.


300mg Organic
Chaga Extract

Nutritiously-Dense Immunity-Boosting Superfood

The Organic Chaga found in MANSHROOMS IMMUNITY acontains beta-glucans - which we mentioned earlier - which are naturally occurring polysaccharides that increase host immune defense. If you want to keep your immune system healthy and strong, along with proper diet and exercise, organic Chaga found in MANSHROOMS is a must.

300mg Organic
Turkey Tail

Organic Turkey Tail is another mushroom that you won’t find in a conventional diet - nor should you include it in yours other than in supplement form (it tastes horrible).

But you should supplement with it if you want to keep your immune system thriving.

Rich in antioxidants that reduce the damage created by oxidative stress, turkey tail is a great supplement not just for your immune system, but also your overall health. 

Turkey Tail includes antioxidants like phenols and flavonoids, and one study detected over 35 different phenolic compounds in turkey tail mushroom extract, along with the flavonoid antioxidants quercetin and baicalein.

These specific antioxidants improve immune system health by reducing inflammation and stimulating the release of protective compounds. 

Korzarski M, Klaus A, Niksic M, Vrvic MM, Todorovic N, Jakovljevic D, Van Griensven LJLD. Antioxidative activities and chemical characterization of polysaccharide extracts from the widely used mushrooms Ganoderma applanatum, Ganoderma lucidum, Lentinus edodes and Trametes versicolor. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 2012;26:44-153.

1g White Button

White button mushrooms work to improve your immune function in a number of ways. First, they enhance the activity of critical cells to the body’s immune system. They also function by increasing the production of proteins that your cells release while seeking to protect and repair tissue. 

Atila F. et al., The nutritional and medical benefits of Agaricus Bisporus: A review,J Microbiol Biotech Food Sci, 2017/18 : 7 (3) 281-286

300mg Vitamin c

Vitamin C is an antioxidant and essential nutrient that has many functions. For example, it helps produce collagen, reduce oxidative stress, helps in wound healing and helps in the development and maintenance of bones, cartilage, teeth and/or gums and in connective tissue formation.

Vitamin C is also one of the most popular nutrients to supplement with to ensure the health of your immune system, and for good reason. Vitamin C helps improve the cells that make up the immune system.

Adding Vitamin C to MANSHROOMS IMMUNITY simply strengthens the effectiveness of the supplement to make sure you’re also staying health and getting every effective source of help you can get.



You can’t live a driven life if you’re always sick. Health is vital not just for longevity, but for optimal performance.

Lincoln said, ‘It's not the years in your life that count; it's the life in your years.”

To live these years as best you can, to be driven every day, staying healthy is a must.

MANSHROOMS IMMUNITY helps you do just that, by helping you maintain a strong and effective immune system,  and maintaining the health of your cells.


Stay driven, my friends,

Chad Howse

We Use No Artificial Sweeteners or Dyes or Chemicals

Everything we put into our supplements is all-natural. While artificial sweeteners aren’t poisonous, studies show they’re also not great for your health. While natural sweeteners have been shown to have positive benefits. So, we opt for the all-natural approach for coloring and flavoring.

We use stevia and fruit extracts to act as sweeteners for our powders, and allow the natural color of the collective ingredients to show, without altering it. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)

Every Supplement is Lab Tested For Purity

We send all of our products and every batch we produce out for third party testing to ensure there are no foreign substances such as metals.

What you get from each supplement is only the best, purest ingredients, backed by science to work, and we test to make sure they’re in their full amounts.

Call Us Crazy, But We Use Clinically Effective Doses of Only Science-Backed Ingredients

What you’ll see many - almost all - companies do is hide the amounts of ingredients they include in ‘proprietary blends’, or some kind of formula or blend, or they just include a fraction of an ingredient to have it on the label.

We list out all of our ingredients to show you they’re in their full, clinically effective doses. Meaning, if an ingredient takes 5 grams to be effective, that’s how much of that ingredient we put into the supplement, because anything less won’t have the desired benefit. And every ingredient is backed by science to give the desired benefit of the overall supplement.

Money Back Guarantee

Our guarantee is pretty simple. If you don’t love what you’ve purchased, we’ll give you your money back if it’s within 60 days of the purchase. 

We’ve done all of the work, research, trial and tests to create the best supplements on the planet that solve real-world problems, but if they’re not right for you, just let us know and we’ll issue you a refund. This only applies to a single supplement. If you buy multiple bottles, use them all, and then want a refund, we’ll give you a full refund for the initial bottle.

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moises j.
United States
I recommend this product

I didn’t received anything yet

Not happy and I’m a long t customer

Daniel G.
United States United States

Not impressed.

The product is fair value although your site offered a 20% discount using a code that did not work at checkout. I still purchased anyway and the product is fair quality. Not sure if I’ll reorder


MITA Nutra

Hey Daniel - please email or call us (contact on the site) and we'll get you that 20% discount applied after in the form of a refund. With ManShrooms, it's hard to 'feel' healthier quickly, though the ingredients are organic and going to work. Stick with it. Anything I can help with just reply here or email me - - Chad

Tony C.
United States United States

Seems to be working well

I seem to fall asleep faster and I notice when I forget to take it that I wake up several times in the night.

James L.
United States United States

Never felt more confident with my immune system

Since using ManShrooms, I've never felt more confident with my immune system. I combined ManShrooms with ManD3 as a part of my daily regimen, and while my daughters got covid, I didn't.

Kevin J.
United States United States

Awesome product

It’s an immunity supplement; so you have to trust that it’s doing it’s job. But after using Greens and Boost and feeling an immediate difference, I trust this company. I did my own research on the ingredients in this and they are documented to boost your immune system and have been used for ages. I’m really excited this has turkey tail mushrooms, as most mushroom supplements I’ve found don’t and use reishi; which is something I don’t want. I feel great though since I started taking it; and although I’ve been around several sick people(even covid) I haven’t gotten sick yet. Highly recommended.