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Does Tongkat Ali Boost Testosterone? 

Does Tongkat Ali Boost Testosterone? 

Does Tongkat Ali Boost Testosterone? 

Tongkat Ali or “Malaysian Ginseng” is one of the most popular, if not THE most popular natural herb for battling against erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, and infertility.

So much so, that tongkat ali is being crowned the “holy grail” for men who want to improve every part of their health - physically, mentally, and sexually.

And while it’s been studied for the last few decades, and has been used in traditional medicine even longer, tongkat ali got a surge of attention after Dr. Andrew Huberman talked about it on the Joe Rogan podcast. 

He claimed it’s one of the few herbs that lives up to the hype. 

So, let’s take our own look to see if tongkat ali really does boost testosterone, libido, and performance. 


What Is Tongkat Ali? 

Tongkat Ali is an herb found in the forests of Malaysia and it’s wildly popular among the locals there. They sell tongkat ali drinks, snacks, and coffee on every street corner. 

And people buy it because it gives them a kick of energy, strength, and focus. 

As far as medicine goes, tongkat ali was used traditionally in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other Asian countries to treat malaria, infections, fevers, male infertility, and erectile dysfunction. (study)

It’s also considered an aphrodisiac, meaning it increases sexual desire for both men and women.

At one point, tongkat ali grew in popularity so quickly, it was in danger of going extinct before a team of engineers came in and taught the people in Malaysia how to preserve and manufacture it. 

The health benefits of tongkat ali likely stem from various compounds found in the plant, specifically flavonoids, alkaloids, quassinoids, and other compounds that act as antioxidants. 

Antioxidants are compounds that fight cellular damage caused by molecules called free radicals. And these compounds work to help boost T, increase libido, and even improve body composition. (study, study, study)


Tongkat Ali For Erectile Dysfunction

Tongkat ali is suggested to be nature’s Viagra - helping to support male sexual function and health in every way. 

Erectile dysfunction and infertility have been on the rise in recent years, and since then we’ve been on the hunt for a natural way to solve the problem. 

Since then, men who take tongkat ali consistently, have seen improvements in everything from sperm motility to erection time. 

In a 12-week study from the University of Science in Malaysia, men ages 30-55 who were given tongkat ali found it had a big impact on their sexual health and libido. Compared to the placebo group, they increased sperm motility, sex drive, and improved erectile function. 

In another 12-week study, 26 men were given a freeze-dried extract of tongkat ali or a placebo. And the study found that men who consumed the tongkat ali extract boosted libido scores, sexual performance, and saw an increase in hardness and erection time. 

Tongkat Ali For Testosterone

Testosterone is the key hormone in your body associated with masculinity, energy, mood, stamina, libido, and overall health. 

As you get older, your testosterone levels drop. And studies suggest that if you don’t do something about it, by the time you hit 60 years old, you’ll have about 40-50% of the testosterone you once had. 

But the good news is tongkat ali can help to boost your testosterone levels so you can get them closer to youthful levels. 

In one study, researchers gave men with low T tongkat ali extract for a month. After the month, the men saw a significant improvement to their testosterone levels. And similar results were found in another study with older men ages 57-72. 

Studies also suggest that tongkat ali helps to increase a form of testosterone “reserves” in your bloodstream. 

Studies show most of the testosterone in your body is trapped by a protein called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which makes it ineffective. But the compounds inside tongkat ali help to free some of that testosterone by 34% so your body can use it. 


Tongkat Ali For Strength

Your hormones respond how you tell them to. You have that much control.

The amount of testosterone your body produces is directly tied to strength. When you do any form of strength training, it sends signals to your hormones to produce more testosterone. 

So the more you stick with strength training, the better. And that’s where tongkat ali comes in. 

Studies suggest tongkat ali can help you push harder and get stronger in the gym. 

In a 5 week study from the University of Cape South Africa, men who consumed 400 mg of tongkat ali produced 16.6% more muscular force during a grip test than they did without it.

And in another 5 week study, men showed a significant improvement in muscle and strength gain after taking tongkat ali before their workouts. 

Tongkat Ali For Fat Loss

Having too much body fat is one of the biggest factors in low T levels. And the good news is, if you’re putting in the work with your workouts, then tongkat ali can help you get faster results so you can cut the fat. 

In a 12-week study from Malaysia, 109 men were split into two groups. A placebo group and a tongkat ali group. The men who were given tongkat ali had a decrease in hip size, fat mass, and waist circumference without any other changes to their diet or exercise program.

Tongkat ali helped these guys fit better into their clothes and reshape their bodies so it looked less like a pear and more like the action figure “V” shape most guys want.

Another study found a similar result. Men who took tongkat ali for 5 weeks had an increase in muscle size and reduction in body fat. 

Naturally, that shift in body mass helps increase testosterone levels, too. 


Tongkat Ali For Resilience

Your hormones help you manage stress. 

And by improving your hormone profile, you can become more resilient, driven, and positive instead of letting your circumstances get the best of you.

There’s been a handful of guys that talk about tongkat ali having a “zen-like” effect on them - keeping them more cool, calm, and collected under pressure. It’s almost like a natural alternative to antidepressants or anxiety medications.

A study published in the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition showed when men took tongkat ali, there was a significant improvement in their ability to manage stress. 

After taking 200 mg of tongkat ali daily for 4 weeks, the men:

- Reduced tension by 11%

- Reduced anger by 12%

- Reduced confusion by 15%

- Reduced the stress hormone, cortisol, by 16%

With that said, if you’re high strung most days of the week, tongkat ali can help you handle that stress better and avoid the negative effects of chronic stress. 


Recommended Dosage

Before, I recommend the exact dosage, remember, as powerful as tongkat ali is, it’s not a magic potion. 

It’s going to help you get better results from the work you put in and give you a good boost to your testosterone levels if you aren’t doing things everyday that sabotage your testosterone levels - like eating fast food and watching Netflix till 1 in the morning. 

Studies suggest taking between 125 mg and 200 mg of tongkat ali will help you get all the benefits you learned about today. 

And that’s why we’ve included tongkat ali in those full doses inside our T-boosting greens powder, Man Greens and our nature-based libido booster, Man Mojo

Man Greens and Man Mojo contain other T-boosting herbs that can make a big impact, too. And everything is in its full, effective dose, which is NOT something that most other supplements offer. 

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Key Takeaways

- Does tongkat ali live up to the hype for boosting testosterone and other aspects of male performance? Yes. 

- Is tongkat ali a magic ingredient that means you don’t have to put in the work to get better? No. 

- Making tongkat ali a part of your daily routine can impact your T-levels for the better as long as you aren’t sabotaging your T-levels in other ways. 

- If you want a simple way to get tongkat ali into your daily routine, check out Man Greens, Man Mojo, or the Virility Stack.

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