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Alpha Program

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If you’re serious about building your best, most powerful body, building the best body you can build, the Alpha Program is a must.

The ALPHA Program

Build a Strong, Athletic V-Shaped Physique

Develop Explosive Power and Functional Strength

Lose Fat Fast While Gaining Muscle

Change the Entire Shape of Your Body

Aesthetically, and especially from the female perspective, we know that the V-shaped physique is the most appealing to women, and intimidating to men.

It’s hardcoded in our DNA to see a man who has that V-shaped Physique, with a broad upper back and shoulders and a lean midsection as an alpha.

Of course, an ‘alpha’ is only as good as he performs. So the ALPHA program helps you develop the coveted V shape while also giving you the exercises and programming to get stronger, bigger, more powerful and leaner every single week.

More Than Just Aesthetics...

But Designed to Get You The Coveted V Shape Physique.

Phase 1

Shape, power, and fat loss

Phase one - which is a 4-week phase - will have you doing exercises you’ve never done or at least haven’t done in a while.

In this phase, you’ll train like an athlete with power movements like the snatch, and circuit training to finish off the workout some of the workouts to help you lean out, get in shape, and change the shape of your physique.

You’ll notice changes in your traps, upper back, and the breadth of your shoulders as well as fat loss around the midsection.

Of all the workouts I’ve done in my life, this is my favorite training phase.

The best part, each workout lasts around 30-45 minutes.

Phase 2

Strength and POWER

Here’s where we build upon the shape and power improvements in the first phase by building slabs of muscle every single workout.

Focusing on the bigger lifts while adding some isolation exercises, you’re using the Daily Undulating Periodization method to break through any plateaus and to see consistent and constant gains.

If you want to cut fat, you can, if you want to push your gains, you can as well, that’ll just depend on your diet.

This phase promises to help you improve your deadlift, squat, bench, and overhead press numbers…

...While gaining muscle weekly, stacking each new week onto the gains you made on the previous one using different weights and rep ranges each week for each exercise.

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