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Anabolic Energy Stack

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Man Greens contains full, clinically effective doses of superfoods that can help increase energy without the use of stimulants. DRIVE does something similar, it's a stimulant-free energy drink that you can take up to 4 times a day. Combining these supplements can help increase energy all day so you can thrive.

Support all day energy without crashes, and much more...

Energy is our most valuable comodity. The more we have, the more we can accomplish, the more we can endure, and the more we can enjoy. Stimulants can hurt male hormones, but the Energy Stack supports them, plus your energy levels all day - and much, much, much, more...

Use the ENERGY Stack to:

  • Have more energy without stimulants*
  • Reduce stress and fatigue*
  • Boost Circulation and testosterone*
  • Support immunity and overall health*
  • With full doses in every serving*

Anabolic energy that lasts

Anabolic energy > energy

We say 'anabolic energy', because the Anabolic Energy Stack does so much more than just increase energy. It increases energy that lasts, while also boosting libido, testosterone, immunity, and reducing stress hormones that lead to crashes and a lack of focused work.

It gives you anabolic energy by...

Supporting your testosterone levels with full doses (shilajit, tongkat ali, KSM-66 ashwagandha, forskolin),
Reduce stress and cortisol levels with full doses of (KSM-66 ashwagandha, maca, shilajit, tongkat ali),
Energy without the use of stimulants (superfoods like spirulina, shilajit, moringa),
Improving circulation which helps with sustained energy with full doses of (beet root powder, citruline),

The Anabolic Energy Stack supports your driven life, even increasing libido, another form of desire that can be pointed to achievement to help you win.

How to Use This Stack

Energy Drink

Take DRIVE before or during your workout to improve energy levels, circulation, and support healthy testosterone levels.


Superfoods and Superherbs

ManGreens has full, clinically effective doses of the superfoods and superherbs that give you all the above...


DRIVE is our stimulant free energy drink, but it does more than just give you energy. It helps improve circulation, support healthy testosterone levels, reduce stress and mental fatigue. DRIVE is a great addition to your training because of the increased nitric oxide production from a full dose of citrulline plus the bump in energy.

  • Boost energy
  • Improve circulation
  • Support healthy testosterone levels


Man GREENS contains FULL, clinically-effective doses of naturally-grown superfoods, adaptogens, and anabolic agents that help improve testosterone, lower stress, improve sleep, and increase with energy and overall health, the same can’t be said for other greens supplements…

  • Improve Male Hormone Health*
  • Boost Energy & Vitality*
  • Boost Immunity & Overall Health*
  • Helps Reduce Stress Levels and Improve Sleep*

We recommend taking this all-natural product for 90 days to experience full benefits.

We get asked a fair bit about long term use of this product, our supplements, and supplements in general. While there may be no long term use negative impacts studies, or negative impacts from long term use at all, we always feel that giving the body a break for 20-30 days in between 3-6 month cycles helps you optimize sensitivity to all of the ingredients.

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