Made for the Man in the Arena

If you're getting after it, we'll help you thrive with full doses of science-backed ingredients.
Fewer, Cleaner Ingredients
in Bigger Doses

There are only a handful of ingredients proven to work. While the 'other guys' include a bunch of unproven ingredients in tiny doses. We include full, clinically effective doses of science-backed ingredients shown to help MEN thrive.

for the Man in the Arena

Men are struggling. We’re producing less testosterone, leading to poor performance, both physically and mentally, and we want to change this. So, we provide full doses of science-backed ingredients, along with workouts and books, to help men optimize their health, hormones, and performance.

100% Natural Ingredients

Every ingredient (sweeteners included) are completely natural.

3rd Party Tested

Every supplement is third party tested for dosing, quality, heavy metals, and foreign substances so you only get what's written on the label, nothing else.

Full Clinically Effective Doses

We include a full clinically effective dose in every serving of our products so you know you're getting the benefits you want. No blends. No hidden formulas.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don't love our products, we'll give you a full refund within 60 days. We make the best products, and we stand by them.

Made in an FDA & cGMP Approved Facility

All of our products are made in an FDA and cGMP approved facility so you know you're getting clean, quality products.

Made in Canada

While we ship out of America, our products are made in Canada, which has stricter laws on dosing & claims.

What guys are saying about our products...


"A product that actually WORKS!

I am having great results! I train pretty hard at my age! I just turned 64! I was unfortunately off the product for over a month! I am getting tone back in those muscles again! I highly recommend!"

Rob J

Verified Man Greens Customer


"Great Product!

Been using "greens" from other sources for 20+ years. Read about Man Greens and how it omitted some ingredients because they were not conducive to male physiology. Man Greens has made a big difference in my overall health as well as my workouts! Totally recommend for men."

Jude G.

Verified Man Greens Customer


I have been using every night for about 8 weeks and only 1 capsule aswell I must say my sleep has improved dramatically. It's as if I have been sleeping for hours but if I wake up and look at the clock it's only been 20 mins or so very happy with the product I will be re ordering it.

James S

Verified Man Sleep Customer


My "mojo" if you will is solid without this but it definitely takes things up a notch. Worth a shot for those looking along with the mangreens and manboost which are my favorite.

Justin L

Verified Man Mojo Customer


I was unable to get a good night sleep, waking up and being unable to fall back to sleep or to stay asleep. This product helps, bigtime.

William P.

Verified Man Sleep Customer

Chad Howse

Not 'just another' supplement brand

MITA is for the Man in the Arena

Learn more about how our brand was created out of necessity, and why we'll never compromise our quality, or our mission.

our mission

Frequently Asked Questions

That question has two parts, what do the letters 'MITA' mean, and what do we, as a company, stand for.

MITA is an acronym for Man in the Arena, the famous Theodore Roosevelt speech where he draws a stark line between the man doing the deeds and the critic merely pointing out where he stumbles.

We exist to support the Man in the Arena. The doer. We create products to help the guy trying to help himself. You're few and far between. This isn't the bulk of the market, but we'd rather focus on those trying to earn it than those trying nothing.

We get it, everyone claims to have the best products, but we actually do, and it's measurable.

Rather than hiding our doses in blends, we use full clinically effective doses in every serving.

Rather than using cheap ingredients with high market awareness that may sell faster, we opt for science-backed ingredients that have been shown to work and then we include them in their fully effective doses.

The supplement industry is horrible when it comes to quality, doses, and giving the customer the best product possible. Margins dominate this industry, and almost every company you think it great, puts cheap ingredients in small doses and spends most of their money on marketing.

We double down on product quality first and foremost. So we know we're the best supplements for men on the planet.

Our founder's name is Chad Howse. MITA is a completely self-funded start up. As such, we won't compromise our values for anyone. We won't reduce our costs to earn higher profits. We were founded in 2019, when Chad couldn't find a greens product that included full doses of the ingredients he wanted in a supplement.

So, he created his own. He then found the same issue with a number of products from nootropics to caffeine-free energy boosters, libido boosters to men's mineral supplements, and more.

Since then, all of our products have maintained that same quality, and they will continue to do so.

We typically ship within 24 hours (on business days). While we don't ship on weekends, all weekend orders are shipped out the following Monday.

An order in the States typically takes 2-5 days to arrive depending on location. International orders typically take 4-7 days to arrive.

As with any issue, feel free to email us at and we'll help you out within 24 hours.

While we rarely get refund requests because of the quality of our products, if you don't LOVE what you've ordered, just email us and we'll give you a full refund within 60 days of your purchase.

If you ordered multiple bottles/bags, use one on us, and just return the others unopened for a full refund.