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I've always viewed life as a gift from God, one we must maximize. Make the best out of each day, hour, minute, and so forth, but I wasn't doing that.

I wasn't performing at my best, didn't have the best energy levels, focus, my testosterone levels were pretty low for my age, and I wanted to solve these issues so I could live a better life, so I could achieve more, experience more, do more...

Which brought me to the Man Diet... I wrote the book a number of years back as a means to figure out how to eat optimally to boost testosterone levels. Testosterone is such a vital hormone in male performance, but also mental health, ambition, the desire to compete and win, fat loss, muscle gains, and so forth, and mine weren't great. So, the book.

Doing research for the book led me to certain supplements to boost testosterone, but also supplements, ingredients and nutrients to improve focus, attention span, sleep, libido, overall health, and so forth. The problem: companies didn't use the right ingredients, and pretty much none of them used them in the right doses.

It's called a clinically effective dose, and it's something I knew nothing about before the Man Diet. I just figured every company put the right amount of every ingredient, but they didn't.

It's too expensive, margins drop, and us customers don't know a thing about it so it doesn't impact sales at all. I didn't like that.

And, I didn't want to use these products, so I created my own. The thing is, I didn't just create these products for any kind of guy, but the guy who wanted to help himself. Or, the Man in the Arena.

These products are the best products that can be made for a given issue, like Man Brain for focus, attention span, and cognitive health, or Man Greens for testosterone, reducing stress, and supporting health, Boost for blocking estrogen, Sleep for improving sleep, and so on...

Taking these products versus other, lower quality products (even though they may be higher priced), is a commitment to being at your best rather than wasting money on something that just can't work.

It's a commitment to doing the work, having the discipline that'll get you what you want in life, and using our products to make sure that this effort, works.

That's why MITA = Man in the Arena.

That's also why we give you every workout you'll ever need for free in our Man in the Arena TRIBE (sign up here)...

I know you're a guy who wants more, wants to be better, wants to improve, just like myself. And you want products that will actually help you in doing so. So, that's why I created MITA...

To help guys like myself, guys who want to seize the day, to make the best of every minute, actually make the best of every minute.

And I'm so proud of the guys in our tribe who are doing so, and the newer guys like yourself who'll simply add to this movement.

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