MITA Nutraceuticals started by a successful attempt to solve a problem

MITA Nutraceuticals started by a successful attempt to solve a problem. I’m not tooting my own horn or anything, the answers and the research, they’re out there, it’s just either no one cared to find the answers or about the answers.

The problem was that almost all greens supplements include ingredients that increase estrogen levels in men – something that’s not good for men, but again, do they care or do they just not know?

Of course, discovering that issue, I discovered others…

Like how most greens supplements don’t contain enough of any ingredient to have the desired (or merely claimed) effect of that ingredient.

It’s something called bioavailability, which is how much the human body needs of an ingredient to create the positive effect that the ingredient can create.

If you don’t have enough of the ingredient or at the right quality, your body won’t actually use it. It’ll just be flushed out in your urine or poop or through sweat.

Then, of course, there are bogus claims made by supplement companies – especially those focused on creating ‘healthy greens’ supplements. Those, too, had to be tackled (i.e. dead probiotics in greens, greens can’t actually improve your pH/alkaline your pH, and so on).

All that I did with Man Greens was to find the most important vegetables and herbs in nature, figure out how much we needed of each to have an effect (like boosting energy, improving health and vitality, and boosting immunity), and put them in a greens supplement, while also not including the many that greens products typically use that don’t really do anything at all.

On top of that I found out which testosterone boosters actually work, and which don’t, and the same with libido boosters, and added them into the supplement.

What was created was Man Greens, an expensive supplement to produce, with low margins, but one that’s actually great for you and one I wanted to use – and use daily.

To be honest, I love greens – or at least the idea of greens – and I wanted a greens supplement that would actually do what it says it’ll do while not increasing my estrogen levels but also boosting my testosterone levels.

It took a good couple years of research, but since being released it’s been selling like hotcakes, with guys continually picking up more and more bottles, for second, third, fourth, and so on orders.

The feedback has been incredible.

That, however, isn’t the mission necessarily.

I’m not finding crap supplements and simply making a better one.

The next supplement we’ve created is a natural estrogen blocker (see the trend?).

Nothing like it exists, or at least nothing good like it exists.

The mission, the point of MITA Nutra, has a lot to do with the decline in testosterone in men that’s been going on over the last few decades (we’re seeing a 1.3% annual decline in testosterone in men across all ages).

There’s something going on here, and not just socially or societally, but hormonally.

And this is a massive issue!

On a scale of you at your worst and you at your best, you at your best would have high testosterone levels.

It’s been shown to:

  • Reduce the likelihood of experiencing depression.
  • Reduce body fat and turn you into a more efficient fat-burning beast.
  • Improve recovery so you can build muscle better and faster, and get stronger (a stronger you is a better, more dangerous you).
  • Improve libido so you can have all the sex you want with your wonderful lady.
  • Even increase your propensity for risk-taking, which will lead to a more daring, adventurous, and successful life.
  • Testosterone is vital to help every man live their best life.

And that’s a platitude that gets tossed around a lot these days, “live your best life”.

We have a clear definition of what that is: to reach your potential.

That is, in business, in the gym, in life, in adventures, with relationships, and so on.

So while increasing testosterone and lowering estrogen plays a big role in most of the supplements, we also have Man Brain (coming soon), which is the only ‘nootropic’ I’ve come across that has full-bioavailable amounts of the ingredients that are actually proven to help with focus and memory.

Most nootropics have unproven herbs in very small amounts, with formulas protected by proprietary blends so they can put a little of the expensive ingredients and a lot of the cheap ones and not tell anyone what’s in them, and the customer is none-the-wiser, feeling placebo effects not actual effects and being ripped off at the same time.

Obviously, being able to do more work at a higher quality has a lot to do with you reaching your potential and living your best life.

So, Man Brain had to be created.

Others, too, are in the pipeline, all fitting into this theme of helping you be better at being you, whether that means increasing energy and focus, testosterone, lowering estrogen, helping you recover faster from your workouts, boosting libido, drive, and helping you perform better throughout the day.

Because, well, it’s all about performance.

The better you perform, the better your life will be, and MITA Nutra is here to help by giving you the best supplements to solve issues plaguing the modern man, giving you tools that no other company will give you or is able to give you.

Supplements aren’t going to get you your ideal body or business or lady or anything.

That’s all on you, but we’re making supplements that actually work, that’ll help you last longer, perform better, and – whether it’s by 10% or 50% – help you improve daily so that those ambitions you hold on to can become your reality. Let’s get after it.

Let’s get and stay healthy.

Let’s boost testosterone, libido, and energy.

Man up my brother.

Chad Howse