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Brain Stack

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Combining Man Brain and Man D3 creates a powerful combination for productive work days, efficient memory, and everything you need to be successful as a man. To be able to put more efficient energy into what you’re passionate about is every driven man’s dream.
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Support cognitive performance, cognitive health, mood, & immunity

The BRAIN Stack is for any driven guy wanting to improve his health, performance, but also his cognitive health and performance. This stack is for the Man in the Arena, to help him thrive*

Use the ALPHA Stack to:

  • Improve focus & recall*
  • Support optimal testosterone in men*
  • Improve attention span and mental energy*
  • Support Free Testosterone*
  • Support the immune system*
  • Support long-term cognitive health*
  • With full doses in every single serving*

Do better work, longer.

The ALPHA Stack is for every Man in the Arena wanting to do better work, while supporting immunity and hormonal health. 

Support immunity with a full dose of liquid vitamin D3.

Cognitive Performance Support from full doses of:
CDP Choline, Alpha GPC, Bacopa Monieri, Bluerry Anthocyanins, KSM-66 ashwagandha

Cognitive Health Support from full doses of:
CDP Choline, Alpha GPC, Bacopa Monieri, Bluerry Anthocyanins*


Support Hormones & immunity

Man D3 contains a full dose of liquid vitamin D3, which is more absorbable and usable by the body than powder form, which you'll find elsewhere.


Support Cognitive health & performance

Man BRAIN contains full doses of proven ingredients to support cognitive health and cognitive performance, things like focus, recall, and attention span.*


Man D3 helps support immunity and testosterone.*

  • Promotes healthy hormone balance in men*
  • Helps maintain healthy immune system and fight infection*
  • Helps fight seasonal depression*


Man BRAIN containts full doses of proven ingredients to support cognitive performance, focus, recall, while also supporting long term cognitive health.

  • Supports long term cognitive health with two forms of choline*
  • Supports focus with full doses of bacopa monieri and blueberry anthocyanins*
  • Regulates stress with a full dose of theanine*
  • Man Brain is a cut above, no blends, no micro doses, just a full dose of the best ingredients for cognitive health and performance*

We recommend taking this all-natural product for 90 days to experience full benefits.

We get asked a fair bit about long term use of this product, our supplements, and supplements in general. While there may be no long term use negative impacts studies, or negative impacts from long term use at all, we always feel that giving the body a break for 20-30 days in between 3-6 month cycles helps you optimize sensitivity to all of the ingredients.

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