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Man D3
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Man D3

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Take at least one serving of ManD3 daily, consider increasing doses during winter. ManD3 is the purest, most absorbable form of vitamin D. Which helps increase free testosterone, boost immunity, and improve mood.*
  • A full dose of absorbable vitamin D3
  • Support a healthy immune system
  • Support healthy testosterone levels*

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Helps support immune function.

Helps in the absorption (and use) of calcium and phosphorus.

Helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth.

 Helps to build strong bones and teeth.


I’ve always loved vitamin D3, and the research shows just how vital supplementation with it is, especially in the winter when we typically get less sun, but the reality is, we get less sun now more than ever because of the sheer volume of time we spend indoors, where our skin isn’t allowed to access Vitamin D from the sun. And, I’ve supplemented with it pretty consistently over the past decade or so. 

However, when it comes to Vitamin D supplementation, I don't like including it with other supplements in a supplement blend because dosage is important. 800-1000 IU of vitamin D per day is adequate for most individuals. Consult a health care practitioner to determine if you would benefit from additional vitamin D before taking this product.

Liquid seems to absorb better than the powder form of the supplement, which is why we use gel caps. When you get it in drop form, however, it’s harder to determine how much you’re actually consuming, again, 

Chad Howse


We Use No Artificial Sweeteners or Dyes or Chemicals

Everything we put into our supplements is all-natural. While artificial sweeteners aren’t poisonous, studies show they’re also not great for your health. While natural sweeteners have been shown to have positive benefits. So, we opt for the all-natural approach for coloring and flavoring.

We use stevia and fruit extracts to act as sweeteners for our powders, and allow the natural color of the collective ingredients to show, without altering it. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)

Every Supplement is Lab Tested For Purity

We send all of our products and every batch we produce out for third party testing to ensure there are no foreign substances such as metals.

What you get from each supplement is only the best, purest ingredients, backed by science to work, and we test to make sure they’re in their full amounts.

Call Us Crazy, But We Use Clinically Effective Doses of Only Science-Backed Ingredients

What you’ll see many - almost all - companies do is hide the amounts of ingredients they include in ‘proprietary blends’, or some kind of formula or blend, or they just include a fraction of an ingredient to have it on the label.

We list out all of our ingredients to show you they’re in their full, clinically effective doses. Meaning, if an ingredient takes 5 grams to be effective, that’s how much of that ingredient we put into the supplement, because anything less won’t have the desired benefit. And every ingredient is backed by science to give the desired benefit of the overall supplement.

Money Back Guarantee

Our guarantee is pretty simple. If you don’t love what you’ve purchased, we’ll give you your money back if it’s within 60 days of the purchase. 

We’ve done all of the work, research, trial and tests to create the best supplements on the planet that solve real-world problems, but if they’re not right for you, just let us know and we’ll issue you a refund. This only applies to a single supplement. If you buy multiple bottles, use them all, and then want a refund, we’ll give you a full refund for the initial bottle.

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Anonymous SVG verified by SHOP

Very good product ..!!!

Saad S.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

excellent product. very highly recommended

I have been using the manD3 to ensure I get enough vitamin D (that has several health benefits), as I live in Canada and there are not many sunny days especially during the winter. When I am regularly supplementing, the main benefit I have experienced is an elevated mood, and an overall positive disposition. I would recommend regular supplementation of this and all the other great products being offered.


MITA Nutra

I'm up in the great white north along with you! D3 is a must, especially during winter. Appreciate the review! Thanks for using MITA, brother. - Chad

Garrett B.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Vitamin D

This makes it easy to make sure I get my Vitamin D in daily. I use this along with Man Greens and they seem to help my immune system and overall energy levels


MITA Nutra

Great to hear man! Thanks for the review. - Chad

Mark B.
United States United States

No complaints ❗️

I have no complaints about man D3. Seems to be a quality potent hormone!

Clay W.
United States United States

Great formula

No soy, all the other D3 gel capsules have soy