The Man Diet - Physical Book

The Man Diet - Physical Book

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The Man Diet is backed by 91 studies that show you how to eat to lose fat, gain more muscle, but also improve your hormones, boosting testosterone, lowering excess estrogen and cortisol. Learn what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat to be optimal. 
  • Helps calm the mind before bed.*
  • Fall asleep faster & helps support a deep sleep.*
  • Reduce estrogen & support healthy testosterone.*
  • Full doses of all-natural ingredients in each serving.


Why I had to create the Night Stack

I had been an insomniac for years. Doctors would prescribe melatonin, which, if taken over long periods appears to have a negative impact on long term sleep. While a sleep schedule helped, the natural ingredients in the Night Stack helped me get dramatically better sleeps, without waking up constantly throughout the night.

We prioritize work, working out, and having fun, but it's our sleep that helps us thrive in each area of life. Fixing your sleep can change your life, and with full doses of the best, natural nutrients for sleep and hormonal health, the Night Stack can make a massive difference in your sleep, but also quality of life.

Nothing seemed to work for me, except this stack. Give it a try. If it doesn't help, I'll get you a refund.

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