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Man BOOST contains full doses of the best natural, science-backed ingredients to expel estrogen and boost your male hormones. Just take a single serving before bed every night and experience the benefits right away.*
  • Full Doses of Science-Backed Ingredients
  • Support Male Hormones*
  • Immunity Support*

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Promotes healthy estrogen balance in men*

Helps maintain male hormone levels by blocking the conversion to estrogen*

Assists in strengthening the immune system*

Promotes energy metabolism and tissue formation*



In modern men largely because of increases in estrogen in our environment.

Factors that can throw estrogen out of balance:

Air freshener

Body spray

Bottled water

Cash register receipts

Canned foods or drinks

Cell phone

Chewing gum


Dairy products


Laundry detergent

Non-organic fruit

Non-organic meat

Non-organic vegetables


Plastic bags

Plastic bottles

Plastic wrap


Shaving cream or gel

Sleep aids



There are nutrients that help naturally block estrogen by two methods: 

1. By flushing chemical estrogens out through the liver (IC-3 – one of the rare ingredients that do this). 

2. By blocking the process by which your body converts testosterone to estrogen. 



Research shows that it helps decrease oxidative stress and inflammatory biomarkers, prevent cardiovascular and neurological diseases

(sonia et al, health effects of resveratrol: results from human intervention trials, nutrients 2018 dec; 10(12) 1892.

Resveratrol also helps support cognitive health and brain function. A decrease in body fat and a trend toward weight loss were reported in a 26-week trial with 200mg/day of resveratrol in healthy older participants.

(Witte A.V. et al., Effects of resveratrol on memory performance, hippocampal functional connectivity, and glucose metabolism in healthy older adults, J Neurosci. 2014 Jun 4; 34(23):7862-70)

PROBLEM: almost every form of resveratrol has very low bioavailability in the human body (meaning you need a TON of it to see the desired effects).

Resveratrol VESIsorb is the exception, which has been shown to be 100x more absorbable than pure resveratrol.

Resveratrol Vesisorb retails for $99.97.




IC-3 Is found in cruciferous vegetables. The problem is that they’re also high in fiber which can also impact testosterone levels and male hormone health. So in a rare instance, supplementing with IC-3 rather than consuming a ton of fibrous vegetables, is actually optimal for men. So how does IC-3 work?

Helps the liver metabolize and flush estrogen more quickly!

Converts strong estrogen molecules into less potent kind. This should result in reduced estrogen levels and a more favorable estradiol/estrone ratio.

In a human study conducted nearly 20 years ago, 6-7 mg/kg of IC3 per day was able to significantly increase the clearance of estrogens via urine in both, men and women.

In a human study conducted nearly 20 years ago, 6-7 mg/kg of IC3 per day was able to significantly increase the clearance of estrogens via urine in both, men and women.

Taken in its pure form you can get the anti-estrogenic properties of IC3 without the male hormone-declining properties of the fiber found in cruciferous vegetables (where IC3 comes from)!

IC-3 at 400mg retails for $60 USD




Boron is a powerful substance that has been studied and shown to help improve male hormone health while also decreasing estrogen. Every man should be supplementing with boron.

Take a study from Naghii et al. researchers gave eight of their male subjects ~10 mg’s of boron supplement, every morning for 7 consecutive days. After the week had passed, the scientists compared their subjects blood results from day 1 to day 7 and found out that:

Free testosterone levels had increased by 28%

Free estrogen levels had decreased by -39%

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels rose by 10%

Many inflammation biomarkers (hsCRP, TNF-α) dropped significantly

Another study looked at how boron supplementation impacts serum vitamin D levels, but on the side, they also measured free testosterone levels. After 2 months of giving their 13 subject males 6 mg’s of daily boron (calcium fructo-borate) the levels of free testosterone had increased by 29,5% on average.

Boron is one of the best micronutrients there is on the planet for assisting male hormone production in men. Rarely used in supplement form though it should be a staple.



Zinc, especially in its highest quality form - picolinate - can do wonders for male testosterone levels by increasing testosterone and reducing estrogen.

During strenuous exercise, elite wrestlers who supplemented with 3mg/kg of zinc daily for a month, were found of having significantly higher testosterone and thyroid hormone levels when compared to placebo group which saw steady decreases in both of the hormones due to excessive workload.

Another study with 10 young “sedentary male volunteers” in 2007 using the same dosage of zinc for the same duration of time. The men were subjected to “fatiguing bicycle exercise” during those 4-weeks and as in their previous study, zinc supplementation was able to maintain and increase total and free testosterone levels, as well as thyroid hormones when compared to a placebo pill.

Another study consisting of 37 infertile-subjects had the men take an undisclosed amount of zinc for 6-months and noted that the men who had testosterone levels on the lower end (less than 480 ng/dL) noticed significant improvements in testosterone and DHT levels, whereas the men on the higher levels of testosterone (more than 480 ng/dL) noted no increases in testosterone, but still significant increases in DHT levels. On an even more positive note, Nine of the subjects were able to conceive a child during the study period.

Another study in vitro found that supplementing with zinc reduced the activity of the female-hormone estrogen towards it receptors by 57%

From a quality standpoint, zinc picolinate is better absorbed than zinc citrate, oxide, or any other form of the supplement, which is why I chose the more expensive, higher quality zinc picolinate. Zinc picolinate retails for $59 USD at 15mg

We Use No Artificial Sweeteners or Dyes or Chemicals

Everything we put into our supplements is all-natural. While artificial sweeteners aren’t poisonous, studies show they’re also not great for your health. While natural sweeteners have been shown to have positive benefits. So, we opt for the all-natural approach for coloring and flavoring.

We use stevia and fruit extracts to act as sweeteners for our powders, and allow the natural color of the collective ingredients to show, without altering it. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)

Every Supplement is Lab Tested For Purity

We send all of our products and every batch we produce out for third party testing to ensure there are no foreign substances such as metals.

What you get from each supplement is only the best, purest ingredients, backed by science to work, and we test to make sure they’re in their full amounts.

Call Us Crazy, But We Use Clinically Effective Doses of Only Science-Backed Ingredients

What you’ll see many - almost all - companies do is hide the amounts of ingredients they include in ‘proprietary blends’, or some kind of formula or blend, or they just include a fraction of an ingredient to have it on the label.

We list out all of our ingredients to show you they’re in their full, clinically effective doses. Meaning, if an ingredient takes 5 grams to be effective, that’s how much of that ingredient we put into the supplement, because anything less won’t have the desired benefit. And every ingredient is backed by science to give the desired benefit of the overall supplement.

Money Back Guarantee

Our guarantee is pretty simple. If you don’t love what you’ve purchased, we’ll give you your money back if it’s within 60 days of the purchase. 

We’ve done all of the work, research, trial and tests to create the best supplements on the planet that solve real-world problems, but if they’re not right for you, just let us know and we’ll issue you a refund. This only applies to a single supplement. If you buy multiple bottles, use them all, and then want a refund, we’ll give you a full refund for the initial bottle.

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A MITA Nutra Customer
Bill P.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Sleep and Boost=Force Multiplier

I have been a customer of this company for many years and love the Boost and Sleep products. I have never gotten better sleep than with the natural products these contain. When there is a great product, the company has an opportunity to grow, and MITA has grown. With anything new, especially growth, there can be some growing pains. I wanted to write this five-star review not just about how much I love the products, but also to talk about the integrity of this company. Yes, MITA has grown and had growing pains, and YES, there was even an issue with an order I placed. On top of that, I had a very hard time rectifying that order and had already been charged. I was ******. My concerns were eventually passed off TO THE OWNER HIMSELF, who personally contacted me to ensure that even though there was an egregious issue, it was corrected. THE ISSUE WAS CORRECTED, and it is obvious that Chad cares deeply about his product, his company, and most importantly, his customers. MITA walks the walk. Thank you MITA and Chad for these great supplements, your blog posts, and for being loyal to your loyal customers.


MITA Nutra

Thanks a lot for this review brother! Anytime I can help I'm there. Appreciate your patience with us. We're growing and hopefully improving along the way. Thanks again. - Chad

Justin A.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Great product!!

So far, the biggest changes I’ve noticed are more energy throughout the day, better sleep (I take it before bed), and more focus and clarity in every aspect of life. Will be getting more when I run out!


MITA Nutra

Great to hear man! Thanks for taking the time to let us know. - Chad

moises j.
United States United States

Man Products

Great for Man

Benny B.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Man boost

Believe this is a great product. Feels good to know you have something fighting for your testosterone and keeping estrogen in check. Mornings are good as well.


MITA Nutra

Great to hear Benny! Thanks for trying out Man Boost. Appreciate the review as well. - Chad

Joshua M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Man Boost for the Win

I've used supplements with similar ingredients to Man Boost but I have to say, I feel stronger and healthier using this supplement than anything I've tried before. I can attest to the quality and probably the absorption that this quality supplement provides. I am on week 3 of ManBoost and my strength in the gym, as well as sleep quality is much better. I cannot wait to see how my fitness progresses after 3 straight months. Will buy again.

MITA Nutra Man Boost Review

MITA Nutra

That's great to hear! Would love to see where you're at 3 months from now man, pumped to see your progress. Keep getting after it. - Chad