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Circulation Stack

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The CIRCULATION STACK helps increase nitric oxide while blocking the PDE-5 enzyme to improve blood flow to your muscles and other areas. The Stack helps increase energy, libido, boost T levels, and male performance.
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Get blood Flowing to all the right places...

The Circulation Stack does a heck of a lot more than just improve blood flow to your muscles and other areas. It helps improve energy, focus, and libido, so you can perform better in every area of life.

Use the Circulation Stack to:

  • Improve Workout Performance
  • Boost Energy Without Stimulants
  • Boost Circulation
  • Aid in a Faster, More Effective Recovery
  • Get More Work Done
  • Improve Performance in the Bedroom

Why The Circulation Stack is the Best Workout Stack Around

MOJO helps increase libido, while boosting circulation…

  • Fully effective dose of Maca root (1g), to help boost desire and performance. Maca Root is also incredibly nutritiously dense, and acts as an adaptogen to help lower stress.*
  • Fully effective dose of Tribulus Terrestris (95% steroidal saponins), after conducting one gigantic, meta analysis - and evalutaion of studies on Tribulus fro 1968-2015, called, "Pro- Sexual and androgen Enhancing Effects of Tribulus Terrestris", Researchers concluded Tribulus supports sexual performance.*
  • Fully effective dose of Cacao Polyphenols (1g), which have potent antioxidant effects and may help boost some of your 'feel good' neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and serotonin. They also increase nitric oxide production which improves circulation.*
  • Fully effective dose of Korean Panax Ginseng (1g), which is an adaptogen (helps mitigate stress response) that supports a healthy sex life by boosting the pleasure centers of the brain. One study published in the Journal of Medical Investigation found Korean Panax Ginseng boosts blood flow by relaxing blood vessels and widening arteries.*
  • Fully effective dose of Horny Goat Weed (200mg), which helps increase blood flow specifically to the groin and lungs by blocking an enzyme called PDE-5. Horny Goat Weed also increases nitric oxide production.*

DRIVE helps increase energy without stimulants, while also boosting circulation and supporting healthy testosterone levels...

  • Fully effective dose of Organic Shilajit (200mg) was shown to boost serum testosterone levels increased by 25%, increase of free testosterone levels by 19% and increase in DHEA by 31%.*
  • Fully effective dose of Citrulline (8g) which increases nitric oxide production, increases oxygen in the muscles, improves circulation, can help with ED, and may improve blood pressure.*
  • Fully effective dose of Vitamin B12 (333mcg) which has been shown to improve mood, boost energy, and support brain health.*
  • Fully effective dose of CoQ-10 (300mg) supports heart health, may help reduce cognitive decline, improves exercise performance, and brain function.*
  • Fully effective dose of Rhodiola Rosea (680mg) is a nutritional powerhouse that’s adaptogenic, meaning it helps your body respond to stress more effectively.

How to Use This Stack

Energy Drink

Take DRIVE before or during your workout to improve energy levels, circulation, and support healthy testosterone levels.

Performance Booster

Man Mojo directs all the firepower towards making you a beast in the bedroom again.


DRIVE is our stimulant free energy drink, but it does more than just give you energy. It helps improve circulation, support healthy testosterone levels, reduce stress and mental fatigue. DRIVE is a great addition to your training because of the increased nitric oxide production from a full dose of citrulline plus the bump in energy.

  • Boost energy
  • Improve circulation
  • Support healthy testosterone levels


Man Mojo isn’t just any other male performance booster. Others contain small amounts of unproven ingredients, while Man Mojo has full doses of nature’s most potent and proven performance nutrients.

  • Helps enhance sexual desire.
  • Helps to support emotional aspects of sexual health.
  • Supports testosterone production in men.
  • Helps increase energy and resistance to stress.
  • Helps support cognitive function and reduce mental fatigue.

We recommend taking this stack for 90 days to experience its full effects.

There’s no need to cycle these supplements in and out of your routine. It was once believed that you had to cycle creatine, but studies have shown that’s simply not true.

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