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The Power of Beetroot

The Power of Beetroot

Beets probably aren’t a food you eat regularly…

However, if there’s one root you need to get into your diet as a man, it’s this one. Beets have been shown to give BIG benefits to men like you and me — and in the most important places, too. Like in the gym, at the office and in the bedroom.

So in this article, I’m going to show you the science behind why beetroot should be at the top of your grocery list. But even better, if you don’t like eating beets and you hate the idea of chugging down beet juice, I’ll show you where you can get all the benefits of beet root that I’m about to mention, but without the nasty taste and without shoveling beets down your throat.

But first, here’s why every guy needs more beets:


Bigger Muscle Pumps

Metabolic stress (“muscle pumps”) are important for building muscle and getting the most out of every workout. And studies show beetroot increases Nitric Oxide (NO) in the body to give you better muscle pumps for bigger gains. For example:

A study from the American Journal of Physiology showed the drinking beetroot juice can improve blood pressure during exercise via Nitric Oxide and dilate your blood vessels so that more blood flows through your working muscles (which helps you unlock a bigger pump).

Plus, Nitric Oxide increases your endurance during exercise so you can achieve those final few reps during each set of your workout — which also gives you a bigger pump.

It’s so effective that a study from Exeter University found when men increased NO production with a beetroot supplement, the rate at which oxygen left their muscles was 19% slower than the placebo group and their time to exhaustion took 15.7% longer than the placebo group as well.

And another study from the same university confirmed the time to exhaustion during high intensity interval sprints was 15% greater than the placebo group again.

So if you want to get the most out of your workouts, and have the extra boost of power to push yourself to be your best when you train, taking some kind of beetroot supplement pre-workout will have major payoffs for you.

Bigger Erections

Because of recent studies, beetroot is becoming a popular aid for guys who struggle with erectile dysfunction and low libido. The reason is because the Nitric Oxide release from beetroot improves blood flow — and a large study published in Cardiovascular Research shows nitric oxide and blood flow are the two major components of healthy erectile functions.

All the “major players” in libido boosting supplements (like Viagra and Cialis) know this fact and include synthetic ingredients in their products that boost Nitric Oxide production to the pelvis. Beetroot does the same thing, except completely naturally. And now, some doctors are saying simply boosting Nitric Oxide with beetroot will make drugs like Viagra unnecessary.

Also, If you’re a guy who stresses out often, or has high blood pressure or diabetes, increasing Nitric Oxide with beetroot will be a huge help to your erectile health — because it really does all come down to blood flow.

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that for diabetic rats (with a similar biology to you and me), 3 weeks of Nitric Oxide supplementation improved erectile health. This shows that even if your health is less than optimal right now, you can get big benefits in the bedroom with a little help from beetroot.


Bigger Brain Power

We’ve covered that beetroot helps out in the gym and in the bedroom. But that’s not all. It can make you a clearer thinker as well. See, your entire body needs optimal blood flow in order to perform at its best. Your brain is no different.

For example, a study from Shiga University of Medical Science found that increasing Nitric Oxide (like you do when you eat beetroot) increases blood flow to your brain. This blood flow transports oxygen and glucose, which your brain uses for energy. And the more energy your brain has, the better it functions.

Even better, it doesn’t matter how old you are in order for beetroot to improve cognitive performance. In one study, researchers from Wake Forest University tested the effects of beetroot juice on elderly subjects before exercise and found they had a greater connectivity in brain regions associated with motor function.

So if you find yourself suffering with “brain fog” in the afternoon, or having a hard time concentrating at work or making decisions, beetroot can be a big help for you.


Key Takeaways

  • Beetroot delivers a boost of nitric oxide to your muscles, giving you bigger pumps while you train and an extra shot of endurance to get the most out of your workouts.
  • Beetroot releases Nitric Oxide to the pelvic region and mimics the effects of Viagra and Cialis — except it’s 100% natural and safe. No adverse side effects to worry about.
  • Beetroot improves mental clarity and connection between your brain and motor functions so you can work and think with better cognitive energy.


Now What?

The research about how beetroot will improve your body, sexual health and mental performance is pretty rock solid. But if you’re like most guys, getting a meaningful amount of beetroot into your diet isn’t easy.

But that’s why I added beetroot powder (which gives you all the benefits I mentioned above) to my supplement, Man Greens.

Man Greens is the ONLY natural testosterone boosting greens supplement in the world. And unlike other greens powders out there, I made sure it tastes great. Like I said, it contains beetroot powder, plus 8 other natural ingredients that will boost your testosterone, energy and performance in just a few sips.

So get the BIG benefits of beetroot I mentioned above (and so much more) by grabbing Man Greens for yourself. Get it HERE.

You’ll be glad you did.

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