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Why Every Man Should Take Vitamin D3

Why Every Man Should Take Vitamin D3

If there’s one vitamin every man should get into his diet, it’s vitamin D.  

If you’re like most working men in the West, you likely wake up so early it’s still dark outside, shove yourself into your car, then sit in an office for the next 10-hours, and you head back home when the sun starts to go down. In the winter, which is coming up, it may even be dark by the time you leave work, which basically means you get no sunlight… 

The problem is all that time in the dark and away from natural sunlight is having a negative effect on your vitamin D levels. 

Sunlight is the main way your body gets vitamin D. It absorbs through the skin, gets stored in fat cells, and then it starts working for your body like a steroid… 

Yep, vitamin D is a NATURAL steroid for men…  

And it has a host of benefits. 

I’ve already written at length about how vitamin D is crucial for male testosterone levels. Basically, studies show the lower your vitamin D levels are, the lower your testosterone levels will be. And the higher your vitamin D levels are, the higher your testosterone levels will be…  


So in today’s email I want to tell you about 7 other benefits of vitamin D: 

  1. Stronger, whiter teeth

Every guy wants to have a good smile, right? Well, vitamin D can help. According to the Journal of Archeological Science, men with low vitamin D levels had gaps in their dentin, which is the layer beneath the tooth’s enamel. 

Dentin is important for having strong AND white teeth, so by maintaining vitamin D levels you can brighten up your smile and keep it strong as the years go by.

  1. Mental clarity

Researchers performed blood tests on more than 3,000 European men and discovered participants with higher levels of vitamin D had better memory function and faster information processing than those with lower levels. That makes sense because your brain thrives on healthy fats, and vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. 

Your mental performance is crucial for how you perform as a man. If you aren’t at the top of your game mentally, you’ll struggle with productivity, energy, even your mood and relationships can suffer. Get more vitamin D to boost mental clarity and performance. 

  1. Better overall health

Studies show that getting more vitamin D into your diet can help boost your immune system and keep you healthy. Researchers from The University of Colorado found participants with smaller amounts of vitamin D in their bloodstream were over 30% more likely to have had a recent infection than those whose blood tests indicated higher levels of vitamin D. 

Regarding the current pandemic, studies show folks with low levels of vitamin D are more likely to get covid

  1. Leaner abs

Vitamin D is ferocious on your fat cells, especially around the belly. Studies show that vitamin D helps to significantly reduce abdominal fat. Vitamin D also helps to keep the fat off by reducing the formation of new fat cells. 

Also, testosterone is one of the chief fat burning and muscle preserving hormones for men, so because vitamin D helps to boost testosterone levels, it’s basically a double whammy on your belly fat and it’ll help keep you in good shape with diet and exercise. 

  1. Healthier heart

Vitamin D is crucial for heart health. Studies show that men with the lowest levels of vitamin D had an 81% higher likelihood of dying from heart disease, 64% greater risk of heart attacks, and 57% higher chance of early death than those with the highest vitamin D levels. 

If that’s not enough to convince you to “up” your vitamin D levels, I’m not sure what is, man. So stick around because I’ve got a quick way you can boost vitamin D levels and protect your heart and life. 

  1. Thicker head of hair

If you’ve still got hair left and you want to keep it, then vitamin D will help. And hey, even if you’ve lost all of it, vitamin D may be able to give you a second chance. Recent studies show that vitamin D has the ability to revive receptors in hair follicles that seemingly die and consequently lead to male pattern baldness.  

  1. Smaller risk of cancer

This is BIG. I’m not claiming vitamin D is a miracle vitamin, but the studies speak for themselves. According to studies, one thing most cancer patients have in common is a vitamin D deficiency. Early detection is always your best chance of successfully battling it, so if cancer runs in your family, get screened…  

But getting more vitamin D into your diet is a no-brainer step you can take right now. Cancer isn’t something you want to sit back and wait for. You want to be proactive… 

So with that said, all 7 of the vitamin D benefits in this email will have a major impact on your health and life…  

That’s why we released our vitamin D supplement, Man D3 a few months back… 

They come in liquid gel caps because liquid D3 absorbs better than powder form, and absorption is crucial. If a supplement doesn’t absorb, it’s useless. So because vitamin D is crazy important for your health, we made sure it was something you could rely on.

=> Read more about Man D3 and grab your supply here

Be Legendary,

Chad Howse

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