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5 Science-Backed Steps to Fix Low Sex Drive

5 Science-Backed Steps to Fix Low Sex Drive

Have you ever not been able to get it up? Or, maybe you've gone through long stretches where you just didn't have the desire to get it on with your lady?

It’s embarrassing. A shot to the pride. And makes you feel like less of a man.

But there's even more at play here...

Sex drive is a powerful source of energy. Men need to have high sex drive not only so they can enjoy one of the most pleasurable things in life (sex), but so they can have the energy and the drive to hunt down their goals and live a good life.

Having a low sex drive is like living with the e-break on. You can go, but you're not going to go at the speed you need to go at if you want to win.

But the good news is… 

Low sex drive can be pretty easy to fix. And you don't need synthetic little blue pills to have a thriving sex drive.

You can regain your sex drive by doing a few things that will help your over health, and your mental health at the same time.

So, let's get into it.


5 Easy Steps to Fix Low Sex Drive

Quit Porn

Watching porn is slowly killing your sex drive if it hasn’t completely done so already. 

Sex is a great thing and its something that all guys should want and want a lot of. If you want sex, it’s a good sign your body is working as it should and your hormones are in check. 

I’m not saying it should be on your mind every second of the day, but there should at least be a desire there. The problem is when you release that desire by watching porn, you rid your energy, your drive, without any benefit, but lots of downside.

Here’s why it’s so dangerous to your sex drive: 

It all starts with watching porn one time. Then, the experience and dopamine hit feels so good, you watch again at some other point. Then again another time…  

Without knowing it, you’re training your body to seek porn for pleasure to create this “high.” And what you’re actually doing is creating your very own kind of chemical dependency on porn.

As you choose from one of the hundreds of millions of videos you can watch, and “upgrade” to some more pleasurable kind of porn than before…  

Your body loses its appetite for real life sex. Your “tastes” change. And as a result, you no longer desire the real thing because it just won’t do it for you anymore. 

In short, watching porn makes you impotent.

To make sure it doesn’t happen to you, or to climb out of that ditch if you’re already in it, identify and stay away from things that trigger your desire for porn. 

Do some sort of activity like going for a run or doing pushups when you get the urge, and take it one day at a time until you overcome this addiction.


Supplement with Maca

There’s a specific libido-boosting compound in maca called “p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate”. It’s found at the root of the herb and creates aphrodisiac-like activity in the body. 

If you didn’t know already, an aphrodisiac is a substance that stimulates sexual desire, sexual behavior and sexual pleasure. (1)

Other studies show maca (2) is especially effective in boosting libido and increasing performance for guys who train and generally healthy adult men.

In order to get these benefits from maca, you need to make sure you get it in the clinically effective dosages (meaning you're taking enough of it to actually have an effect). The clinically effective dose for maca is between 1 and 3 grams.


Lose Belly Fat

According to studies, there’s a direct link between belly fat and how a man performs in bed.

And the effect is so serious that having too much belly fat can cause erectile dysfunction (ED).

The opposite is true. Losing belly fat has been linked to improved sexual performance. For example…  

In a two year study (3), obese men who lost weight and got into better shape had erectile function fully restored.

And another study (4) from the University of Adelaide shows the same thing.

That men who are overweight or obese are more likely to have erectile dysfunction, but that ED can be treated through improvements in physical activity and a reduction in body weight.


Supplement with Horny Goat Weed

Horny goat weed is an Eastern herb that’s packed with compounds that help fix a low sex drive. 

Horny goat weed increases blood flow “downstairs,” which is one of the most important parts of getting hard for sex and staying hard during sex. Basically…  

If your sex drive is working optimally, when the mood is right, your brain is going to send a signal to your body to start shuffling blood flow to your manhood. And horny goat weed helps to improve that connection. (5)

Horny goat weed also inhibits PDE-5 enzymes. The PDE-5 enzyme creates tension in the tissue of your manhood, which prevents blood flow from “moving south” and filling up like it should. However…  (6)

Horny goat weed releases that tension and makes it easier for blood flow to get where it needs to be. 


Supplement with Beetroot Powder

Like horny goat weed, one of the best ways to boost blood flow and fix your sex drive is with beetroot powder. 

The reason beetroot works so well is because it boosts nitric oxide production, which helps to improve blood flow, both of which are major parts of erectile health. (7)

All the “major players” in libido boosting supplements know this fact and include synthetic ingredients in their products that boost nitric oxide production. 

Beetroot does the same thing, except 100% naturally. 

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found 3 weeks of supplementing with nitric oxide boosters can improve erectile health. (8)


Now What?

If you want to fix your sex drive, just follow everything I’ve given you on this list and you’ll see massive improvements. But here’s the deal… 

I know trying to make all these changes at once can be tough. Plus, tracking down maca, horny goat weed and beetroot powder in their clinically effective dosages can be a pain in the butt…  

That’s why I recommend you check out our testosterone and libido boosting greens powder, Man Greens.

Inside Man Greens, I’ve got all three of the ingredients I mentioned in this article, plus another libido booster called ashwagandha and several other ingredients that’ll help you perform better in every area of life. 

So as you start making changes to fix low sex drive, grabbing Man Greens is going to be a great start. 

=> Read more about Man Greens and grab your supply

Be Legendary,

Chad Howse


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