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Could a Lack of Zinc Be Crushing Your Testosterone Levels?

Could a Lack of Zinc Be Crushing Your Testosterone Levels?

There are 24 essential minerals needed for human survival.


Zinc is one of them.


And beyond that, zinc is one of the most important minerals men need to have healthy testosterone levels. The problem is, most guys aren’t getting enough zinc in their diets to have ripping and roaring testosterone. In fact, one study found “zinc-famine” is a world-wide problem among men.


In other words, if you haven’t been paying attention to the amount of zinc you consume in your diet, it’s likely you aren’t feeding your body enough of it. And your testosterone levels are suffering because of it.


In this article, I’m going to quickly show you exactly how zinc boosts your testosterone levels. Plus, I’ll share with you a brand-new way to guarantee you get enough zinc into your system day in and day out while hardly even thinking about it.


Zinc And Testosterone



A study published in the Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging discovered zinc supplementation can increase testosterone levels in men of any age who are suffering from a zinc deficiency.


It didn’t matter what their weight, or other factors in their diet. Simply getting more zinc delivered an impressive boost in anabolic hormones — including Growth Hormone, which will give you a muscle-building and fat-burning advantage in the gym.


In another study, elite wrestlers were given 3mg/kg of zinc daily for one month. At the end of the study, they were found to have significantly higher testosterone levels than those who didn’t take it.


As an added bonus, the zinc supplementation group also improved their thyroid hormone health. Poor thyroid health is a major issue for older men because it wreaks havoc on testosterone levels as you age. But with the help of zinc, you’ll keep your thyroid healthy, and your testosterone and overall energy levels will benefit as a result.


That same research group conducted another study on sedentary male volunteers who were given an all out bicycle exercise routine for 4 weeks. They took the same zinc supplementation regiment as the group above and increased both their free and total testosterone levels (and had better thyroid health, too).


It’s important to note that zinc increased FREE testosterone levels in the study — not just total testosterone levels. Because, if you didn’t know already, most of your total testosterone is bound up by a glycoprotein called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). SHBG basically handcuffs your testosterone and keeps it from reaching your androgen receptors where it enters your DNA.


However, studies show zinc lowers SHBG levels in the body so you have more free testosterone that attaches to your androgen receptors and gives you a meaningful boost in T.


If that weren’t convincing enough, another study found men with rock bottom testosterone levels (so bad they were infertile because of it), were able to boost their testosterone with “zinc therapy”. In fact, it increased the most potent form of testosterone in the body DHT.


Plus, on an even more exciting note, nine guys in the study conceived children DURING the 6 month study period.


Finally, in-vitro animal studies (1, 2, 3) show zinc boosts testosterone, DHT, and luteinizing hormone (a precursor form of testosterone) while also decreasing the amount of estrogen that connects with their respective receptors in the body by 57%.


As you get older, estrogen starts to take over your biology. So having zinc on your side as a type of “estrogen defense shield” can make all the difference in the world for keeping your testosterone levels (and your manliness) in tact.


Next Step


Most men in the world a zinc deficient. And like you’ve seen with the multiple studies in this article, if you’re low on zinc, you’re low on testosterone, too.


With all that said, you’re probably wondering what constitutes as a zinc deficiency.


You need at least 15mg’s of zinc daily to maintain regular testosterone levels. So what that means is you should eat foods high in zinc — like oysters and red meat.


However, small amounts won’t do. If you aren’t packing in these foods with each meal, you’re going to need some extra help in order to get the zinc your testosterone needs to thrive.


That’s why I added a highly absorbable 15mg dose of zinc picolinate to my brand new supplement, Man Boost.


This way, with just one serving in the morning, you’ll hit your target zinc intake for the day and skyrocket your testosterone levels as a result. It’s about as easy as “set it and forget it” for your important zinc levels.


Man Boost contains the highest quality zinc that you won’t find on the shelves of the drug store across the street. And like I’ve mentioned in this article, zinc is one nutrient you certainly don’t want to sell yourself short on.


So check out Man Boost HERE (packed with 3 other natural testosterone-boosting ingredients) and take your testosterone to a whole new level.


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