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How to Do An Estrogen Cleanse

How to Do An Estrogen Cleanse

In the last few decades, men’s testosterone levels have dropped 1% per year, which means that men today have lower testosterone levels than in the 80s, 90s and so on. Which could be due to the fact that men lead more sedentary lives than 20 or 30 years ago. As a result, men are storing more fat than ever. And more fat means less testosterone. Even worse, more fat also means higher estrogen levels.  

On top of that, it seems like most products that we use today increase estrogen levels in our bodies in some way, shape or form. From plastic water bottles, to shampoo, to shaving cream, to toilet paper, all of these common items we use on a daily basis are contributing to lower testosterone levels and higher estrogen levels. That’s why in this article, I’m going to walk you through an estrogen cleanse that is so easy you can start tomorrow.

And at the end of the article, you’ll find a special trick that will help you get the most out of your estrogen cleanse in seconds.


Limit Estrogenic Food Sources

There are many foods that can be estrogenic in nature and lower testosterone levels. The most common are phytoestrogens and mycoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are common compounds found in plants and plant-based foods. A few examples are flaxseeds, soybeans, dried fruits, sesame seeds, peaches and tofu.  

Mycoestrogens are a natural compound found in fungi, under the genus fusarium. These fungi are commonly found in the soil of various grains and especially cereals.

Both phytoestrogen and mycoestrogens have the same effect on the body: They “perk up” estrogen receptors and increase estrogen production, which filters into the bloodstream and DNA. Personally, I don’t see any appeal to eating the foods I mentioned, and I doubt that these are the kinds of food you’re craving in the middle of the night. However, you do need to be on the lookout for them on the ingredient labels of processed foods you have in the house. Your safest bet would be to avoid processed foods altogether. 

Consume More Anti-Estrogen Foods

It’s not enough to just limit the amount of estrogenic food sources you consume, it is really not even enough to avoid them altogether.

You need to get rid of the unnatural amounts of estrogen that your body is producing as well. If you want to do a complete estrogen cleanse, you should also consume more anti-estrogen foods. These foods work in the body by blocking estrogen from binding to estrogen receptors (where they enter your DNA).

Anti-estrogen foods also act by defending your testosterone from a process called aromatase — which where the aromatase enzyme turns your testosterone into estrogen, decreasing testosterone and raising estrogen levels at the same time.


According to university-backed studies, some of the best anti-aromatase foods are:

  • White button mushrooms, which both block estrogen from binding to estrogen receptors and block aromatase. (study)
  • Olive oil also blocks aromatase, which protects your testosterone levels, so they stay healthy and keep estrogen at bay. (study)
  • Citrus fruits that contain naringenin and apigenin which naturally block estrogen and aromatase. (study)
  • Pomegranates contain ellagitannin-derived compounds which can block estrogen receptor binding. (study)


Prevent Testosterone-Estrogen Conversion

So I already mentioned that enzyme in the body called aromatase. Its job is to transform testosterone into estrogen. The reason men have aromatase in our bodies is because we actually need a little bit of estrogen in our bodies to have balanced hormones.

But the problem that men are facing today isn’t that we have too little estrogen, but that we have too much of it in our system. And to prevent more from taking over, we need to block this process of aromatase. Here’s how to do it:

You need to get rid of belly fat and eat foods that inhibit aromatase. The reason you need to do both is because belly fat causes aromatase. And aromatase causes estrogen production, which causes belly fat. 

So to prevent aromatase from happening, start hitting the gym and reducing body fat while also eating plenty of cruciferous vegetables and some of the foods from the list above

But if you don’t want to make a ton of changes to your diet, there’s a way to block aromatase in just a few seconds each morning. Check it out here. 


Limit Chemical Estrogen Exposure

One of the reasons testosterone levels have dropped in the last few decades is because of all the chemicals our bodies are exposed to. There can be estrogen-inducing chemicals in non-organic fruits and vegetables. Plus animals like chickens and cows are fed with soy-based ingredients. The problem then, is that when we eat these foods that are exposed to estrogen, we suffer from estrogen contamination as a result. 

Plastics, kitchen utensils, cleaning products, hygiene products, receipt paper, and even water are full of chemicals that increase estrogen levels in the body. And that’s just scratching the surface. All of the estrogenic chemicals inside these products are known as xenoestrogens, or environmental estrogens. Basically, they’re man-made chemical compounds with a structure very similar to natural estrogens. 

The good news is, as frustrating as that can be, there are some steps you can take to counteract and prevent exposure to environmental estrogens. Some I recommend you do right away are ditch plastic water bottles and cups in the house and replace them with glass bottles. Avoid using teflon cookware like I mentioned in detail in this article. Search on Amazon for paraben-free shampoo, bodywash, deodorant and shaving creams. Avoid taking paper receipts from the cashier at the grocery store. Also, avoid these supplements like the plague.  


Take Man Boost

Recently I teamed up with a group of engineers to create a supplement called Man Boost. I had one goal when I created it:

To give you a simple way to flush estrogen out of your system and boost testosterone each morning. Each all-natural ingredient inside Man Boost does just that. 

For example, I added IC3 to Man Boost, which is a substance found in some vegetables that flushes estrogen out of your body through the liver and prevents aromatase. Also, Man Boost contains Zinc Picolinate, which supports healthy testosterone levels by increasing both total and free testosterone in the body. It also reduces the activity of estrogen receptors and improves thyroid health.

I also added Boron to Man Boost, which is a powerful trace mineral that most men are deficient in, yet it helps boost testosterone, increase free testosterone and DHT, while also blocking estrogen. Lastly, I’ve added resveratrol, which is an ingredient found in the skin of berries that works as an aromatase inhibitor. 


Now What?

Trying to keep track of everything I mentioned above can be difficult. Especially because there are times when you really just don’t know if your hormones are being influenced by estrogen-like compounds — like if you go out to a fancy restaurant and the chef cooks your food in flaxseed oil without you knowing.

And other times, you just don’t want to ditch a certain product that contains environmental estrogens — like the aftershave your lady likes you to wear, minty toothpaste, or a certain kind of body wash.

I totally get that. Which is why if I were to pick one item off this list to make an absolute staple in my everyday life — it’s going to be Man Boost.

Like I said before, Man Boost is packed with the best natural ingredients that will increase your testosterone and decrease your estrogen levels. When it comes to flushing excess estrogen out of your body, setting up a defense shield around your testosterone so that it doesn’t convert into estrogen, and boosting T-levels at the same time, this is one supplement that you don’t want to miss out on…

Because it does all the estrogen detox dirty work for you — even if you don’t change a bunch of other lifestyle factors.

So, do yourself a favor and check out Man Boost today.

Click HERE to grab some for yourself.


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