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Does Dark Chocolate Improve Libido?

Does Dark Chocolate Improve Libido?

Chocolate has been a delicious dessert after a romantic dinner for centuries now… And while it tastes great, there are some interesting studies that show dark chocolate improving libido. How does this sweet, delicious, and oddly healthy dessert food boost libido? Studies show there’s a certain ingredient inside chocolate that flips on your libido and can boost your performance in bed. Now, there is a BIG caveat here. The chocolate that’s been tested and proven to boost sex drive and performance is not the kind of chocolate inside a Hershey’s candy bar or a bag of M&Ms. It’s a certain kind of natural chocolate that’s been used in eastern cultures for centuries to boost wellness and energy. In this article, I’ll tell you exactly what the ingredients are inside this well-researched chocolate that make it a powerful libido booster, what kind of chocolate it is, and how you can get it into your diet every morning to ramp up your sex drive and bedroom performance.

Why Chocolate Boost Sexual Performance

The key to a stronger erection is blood flow. Everyone knows that. And there are certain ingredients found in nature that help to boost blood flow to your “manhood,” which helps you get hard. These compounds are so effective that researchers from Harvard University say they can even help guys with mild to severe erectile dysfunction overcome it. These compounds are called antioxidants— and specifically, polyphenols. And there’s a certain kind of chocolate that’s chock full of them. Here’s how it works. A large meta-analysis (which is when scientists review dozens of studies at a time) from Rome, Italy found polyphenols stimulate the body’s production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a natural gas the body creates that widens blood vessels so blood can travel through and deliver nutrients and oxygen quickly. If you think of your blood vessels like a 4 lane highway, you know that as long as every lane is “open” (thanks to nitric oxide production), nutrients and oxygen can get where they need to go without any problems— and in this case, the nutrients, oxygen and blood flow will get to your manhood no problem. However, after guys turn 30, it gets harder to naturally produce nitric oxide. So instead of having all 4 lanes on the blood flow highway “open”, some of them start to get “blocked off”— which means it’s harder to get blood flow to your manhood when you need it most. That’s where these polyphenols come in. In a study published in the Bratislava Medical Journal 53 men were given either a polyphenol supplement or a placebo. And the men given the polyphenol supplement saw a 45% improvement in sexual performance compared to the placebo group— which was credited to the boost in nitric oxide and blood flow. By consuming these compounds through the chocolate I’ll share in a minute, you’ll boost nitric oxide production like when you were younger, which opens up your blood vessels and allows blood to travel to your manhood when she calls you into the bedroom.

Cacao Polyphenols

Like I said before, if you’re going to boost nitric oxide production in the body and improve blood flow, it’s not going to be through eating milk chocolate candy bars. When it comes to chocolate, the closer you can get to organic cacao, the better— meaning you’ll want to shop for at least 87% dark chocolate (organic). The reason you want to keep your chocolate dark and organic is because it preserves the natural polyphenol content to help boost blood flow. In fact, it’s so effective that doctors from Harvard had this to say after testing the effects of cacao on blood flow: “High flavanol cocoa improves blood flow via endothelial function (as measured by improved flow-mediated dilation)—which benefits the entire body. Good circulation is the key to heart and brain health, and diabetes risk is increased by poor endothelial blood flow. Interestingly, erectile dysfunction is also fundamentally a circulation problem—Viagra® is also shown to improve flow-mediated dilation, similar to cocoa.” Yep— they compared cacao to Viagra. And if that doesn’t convince you that you need more of this ingredient in your daily routine, I don’t know what will. Now, I have to warn you… 87% dark chocolate and any higher percentage dark chocolate is very bitter. It’s hardly even sweet at all— so it’s not going to be the most romantic dessert to share with your lady. However, if you don’t want to choke down very bitter dark chocolate (and if you want to stay away from the calories which can come with it), there’s a better way to make sure you get these cacao polyphenols into your diet so you can boost blood flow and perform your best in bed. I’ll tell you about it in the next section.

Ok, so how do I get this chocolate in my system daily?

The key to being the best you can be in the bedroom is blood flow. And studies show cacao polyphenols are one of the best blood flow boosters found in nature. Like I said earlier, trying to eat bitter cacao chocolate to boost blood flow is not as fun as it sounds at first. Plus, it can add up to a lot of calories very fast— and overeating is a blood flow killer. That’s why my team here at ManNutra added cacao polyphenols to our brand new libido booster— Man Mojo. Man Mojo is a combination of the best ingredients found in nature, proven in dozens of studies to improve sexual performance, formulated into a supplement you can take every night before bed to ramp up your performance between the sheets. And if you think cacao polyphenols are exciting, wait until you see the other ingredients inside. To check out more about Man Mojo and to grab your supply so you can rock her world, click here. You’ll be glad you did. (and so will she).
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