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10 Killer Lessons to Become a Winner At Life

10 Killer Lessons to Become a Winner At Life

If you read history, our collective history as a species, you’ll see that - just like every other species on the planet - we’ve been in constant competition.

Sometimes it’s against the elements, against others tribes, enemies, neighbors, cultures.

We’ve always been in competition against something, for our own survival, for our own degree of success.

Today the competition is still there, though it may not be for survival. 

Thanks to innovation and capitalism (and by capitalism I mean the natural human interaction that produces net-positive innovations), the quality of life of even the poorest is higher than kings of the past.

We can all survive, and we can technically all thrive, but will we?

Thriving and winning still takes work, discipline, intelligence, and ingenuity. 

It demands growth, it requires failure.

No one has ‘always won’. What you’ll find from reading even recent ‘history’ is that failure leads to success for those who continue to try, but also those who learn from their mistakes.

What I’ve learned about thriving vs merely surviving in my 35 - almost 36 - years on this planet...


The bad is never as bad as it seems.

We’re both cursed and blessed with perspective. We rarely see actual reality. We see how we feel about things. And when things are going badly, it feels like this is how it is and always will be.

It never is. Bad times end. We learn lessons from them and because of them. We need them. We grow from them.

Getting down, depressed, sad, wallowing in self-pitty only makes things worse.

Detach. Breathe. Think. 

This dark moment will one day lead to light - it always does.


We are responsible for everything in our lives.

Even if something bad ‘happens to us’, we’re responsible for how we react to it.

This way of thinking is a common one with those who succeed and continue to succeed. You can have the opposing view, that you’ve just been handed a bad lot in life, but it’ll do you no good.

You get to choose how to think, you may as well think in a way that benefits you.


Figuring out what to do is the hardest aspect of winning.

Hard work is easy. Or at least it’s simple. Figuring out the right thing to do is far more difficult. 

What I’ve found as the best way to deal with this difficult task, is to think about it, of course, but to do a lot of different things. Test the waters. 

You’ll learn more from doing than from thinking. Do. Fail or win. Learn. Do again.


Energy is everything.

The more energy you have, the more you’ll get done, the more fun you’ll have, the more you’ll enjoy life and win in life.

YOU are the source of energy. 

The most powerful stimulant in life is excitement.

The second most powerful is rage.

Use both.

Be angry that you’re not where you want to be and do something about it.

Find things that excite you and do those things. (If you want to boost mental performance, energy, and creativity, check out our supplement, Man Brain)


It’s really not that important.

Life is a series of games (I’m writing a book on this, we’ll see if it helps anyone).

That’s it. Games. Wealth game, health game, fun game, adventure game, family game, and so on.

You’re here. You’re alive. You may as well win those games. And losing a game isn't the end of the world if you realize that there's always another to be played.

Winning those games means a better, more meaningful and successful life. But they’re still games. Seeing them as such allows you to detach and get a restful sleep at night.


Your body leads the way.

A healthy, energy-producing body is a must. Do everything you can to make sure your body is performing as best it can.

Don’t miss workouts.

Eat right.

Supplement all you want with healthy supplements.

Take your health as serious as anything in your life. Give it priority. 

A healthy body and mind will make every other area of your life better. (Check out our supplement, Man Greens, to help boost testosterone, libido, drive, and overall health).


Enjoy it all.

We live on life’s terms. We do not get to choose the timing of events, the outcomes, the randomness of it all.

So, enjoy it all as one grand experience. Enjoy the highs, smile and find good in the lows, love the challenges, enjoy the victories.

Love the people in your life, for their faults and their good.

Doing this is a superpower, but it’s also the only logical way to live. Bad things happen. Appreciate them. Feel them. Learn from them. 


Aim high. And then higher.

High achievers simply think they can. They know they can.

If you’ve ever met a billionaire you’ll know that they’re no different than you are. They’re more on the ball in some ways only because they’ve learned the lessons.

But you can learn those lessons.

You may as well aim as high as you possibly can. Reaching for the stars is the greatest expression of your being here. 

Play the biggest game on the biggest stage you can find.


Risk but don’t gamble.

Love demands risk. Business demands risk. Adventure demands risk.

Everything we could hope to gain requires risk, but it doesn’t involve luck or chance.

Life is more poker than roulette. 

You mitigate risk by being at your very best. By reading, learning, hustling, training, eating right, and so on, and then you dive in head first.


Be your own hero.

To win, you have to become someone different than you are when you’re losing.

I’m becoming someone different. You have to. You have to become the man who holds the attributes you value most, those that your hero would have.

You have to have aggression toward fear, wisdom, intelligence, charisma, an insane work-ethic.

You have to be happy in solitude and among company. 

Be your own hero. Be the hero of your own story. 

And I mean a real, damn, hero. Be exceptional. It’s a choice. And one we all have the option of choosing, no matter our starting place.

Finally, from the Good Book…

Everything on earth has its own time, its own season.

Know this, fundamentally.

If you continue to improve, there is no ceiling in life. 

Your struggles will turn to victories, your pain to joy, your failures to successes.

Keep getting after it.

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