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A Case For Confidence (How to Get It, Why You Must Have It)

A Case For Confidence (How to Get It, Why You Must Have It)

Be confident because there’s no benefit in not being confident.

Self-belief can be tricky…

Sometimes it only comes after we achieve the thing we didn’t think we could achieve.

The more I live and rack up a few wins and my fair share of loses, the more I see confidence as a choice, not anything innate that we're magically blessed with.

In this email I'll make a case for making that choice, and why there's no point in NOT being confident (and surely no benefit).

I have friends with incredible self-confidence and others riddled with self-doubt. The talent gap between the confident group vs the group that lacks confidence is non-existent.

The gap in the skills they’ve developed over time is massive.


The confident ones believed that the work was worth it.

They figured that if they did the work, they had the talent or wherewithal to achieve what they desired.

Those that lack confidence didn’t do the work over a long enough period because they didn’t believe that it would yield the result they told themselves they wanted (if they really wanted it they would have done the work, by not doing it they show they want safety more than the risk that victory entails).

Thus, both create a self-fulling prophecy…

The confident do the work, take the risk, even go so far as to put themselves into the scary situation where they could look like a fool but do so because of the possible - even though improbable - upside.

The group that lacks confidence doesn’t do the work because they don’t think they’re good enough to succeed, and by not doing the work, they don’t succeed, and prove themselves right.

And so, confidence…

Neither group has a more valid reason to be confident.

The confident group are a mixed bag, mainly born into families that struggled financially, but so are my pals that lack that confidence.

Neither group excelled more than the other in school, in fact, the confident group did horrible in school.

Both did well in sports.

Both end up proving themselves right.

I’ve also met and spent time with wildly successful people. Billionaires, professional athletes, any aspect of high achiever within our society. 

These people are the result of self-confidence. They’re what self-confidence gets you.

They’re naturally no more impressive than anyone I know, but the skill set and knowledge they’ve accumulated over the years because they believed it was worth it to acquire makes them impressive.

They KNOW they can do what they put their mind to, because they’ve done it.

And over the years they’ve accumulated so much knowledge that they’re virtual success-machines.

So, what can you take from this?

You ought to be supremely confident even if you’re not naturally confident because it’s the better way to live life.

Being and acting confident, even tricking yourself into confidence, will result in greater risks taken, you’ll put yourself out there, let your reach exceed your grasp, and you’ll do the work to develop the skills that will make you deserving of what you want.

The confident guy invests in himself because he believes that’s the use of capital that potentially has the highest returns.

And he does the work and acquires the knowledge to prove himself right.

So, believe in yourself. Make that choice. Not only because if you don’t believe in yourself no one else will, but because if you really want success in this life, you have to know that the work, the risk, the struggle, are all worth it in the end.

If you don’t believe this, you won’t give enough, risk enough, or do enough for a long enough period of time to enjoy the success that you have the capacity to create.

Be Legendary,

Chad Howse, founder of MITA Nutra

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