Do You Still Have That Dream?

Every kid wants to be great. It's in our DNA to want to be rich, powerful, to have a mansion, fast cars or a big beautiful truck, to land on the moon, be a great athlete, and so on... No kid dreams for average, it's not human - and certainly not masculine - nature to do so. My first dream was to be a great hockey player, then to make millions in the NBA, then to be a pro boxer, and then to build something great, a company that solved some real problems, for example... Regardless of the vehicle to get there, I wanted the best, to be the best, to live that dream life with the massive ranch, the pup, and freedom. Most men will admit that they still have this dream, and they're usually trying to find ways to pursue it... Those who don't admit it do so not because they don't actually want to be great in some way, it's because life has beaten it out of them... They've been shown too many times that a dream life isn't in their cards and they end up just believing it and turning their backs on that dream... ...The dream life is just ambition, it's your soul telling you who to be. Steven Pressfield, one of my favorite authors, said it like this... “To feel ambition and to act upon it is to embrace the unique calling of our souls. Not to act upon that ambition is to turn our backs on ourselves and on the reason for our existence.” Too damn many have accepted that mediocrity, that an life or a crappy job, is just 'life'. Heck, I've been there, or at least close. I almost thought that a dream life wasn't for me... that I just wasn't cut out for it. That it wasn't in my cards and maybe I should just accept it. I've had doubts, darkness, and failure while I wondered how I would create this dream life... But if I will give myself credit in one area, it's that my habits never betrayed the dream. No matter where my life has been, whether I was absolutely broke and in thousands of dollars of debt with no idea how to climb out of it... ...Unable to make rent in a horrible, tiny, grimy apartment in a bad part of town... If I was lost, not really knowing what to do with my life or even what I wanted to do with my life, or if I'm thriving, if what I'm doing is having immediate, positive, grand effects... I've acted like I wanted to achieve something better, as if I was worthy of earning that better life. That has never changed. Over time, not stopping has worked. Efforts compound. Books you read and information you take in compounds and grows and before you know if you're where you once thought you'd never be, with a life you thought was forever out of reach. How do we, as men, do that? How do we move forward even when we don't know exactly how to get ahead? We read... We study, hoping to gain some kind of insight into how to get what we want. You never know what sentence or book or author will give you that knowledge. We train... We get stronger, tougher, and more dangerous. We have to be dangerous. If a man isn't dangerous then a large part of his reason for being here (the protection of others, of those under his lead) is gone. We take care of our health, eating right, supplementing, keeping a clean mind and a clean body. We take risks, try, maybe fail, learn, adjust, and try again. To dream and to pursue that dream is to take a risk. We understand that. We know that to get something great you have to give something great, in risk, time, energy, money, effort, whatever. To not chase that dream life, however, isn't a risk at all, it's a guarantee that you'll end your life with regret... ...That you'll wish you'd done more, that you'll smile and put a happy face on, but that insecurity and unhappiness will always lie beneath the facade. We have to keep that dream, always. We have to be working toward something better while of course appreciating what we have, but humans need goals, we need pursuits, we need a quest of what's all of this for? And so, the dream is maintained, and it only grows the more you achieve. If I could explain or put into words why Man Nutra exists... Why Man Greens, Man Brain, and every other supplement here and to come exists... It's to feed and fuel that dream. My dream. Your dream. That dream life we have always wanted in some form or another, that we can't shake or diminish, that still weighs on our minds but also lifts us up and helps us push harder. The Focus Stack gives you adaptogens that help you lower stress while you hustle... It helps you focus for longer periods with critical compounds and nutrients that your brain needs to thrive, but that are almost non-existent in the modern diet... It helps you increase energy by giving you an influx of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that help you stay healthy and energetic... > > > Take The Focus Stack Every Morning to Boost Testosterone, Drive, Improve Focus, and Boost Energy No matter how motivation ebbs and flows, declines and rises, the habits and actions have to fit where you want to be and the dream life you want to create. Rise early. Train. Read. Work. End each and every day with the pride and satisfaction that you moved forward, even if it's just a little bit. Those little bits of forward motion add up and create a great life, trust me. Keep the faith, and keep working. Be Legendary, Chad Howse P.S. Also, check out Man Brain to help you focus for longer periods, get dialled in for work... > > > Get Man Brain Here (Subscribe and Save $20 Per Bottle)

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Written By Chad Howse

Chad is the founder and CEO of MITA Nutra, as well as the author of the Man Diet and the Lost Art of Discipline. Chad uses a simple, science-based method to creating supplements, programs, and guides, to help men thrive. Everything he does with MITA is designed to help you fuel your next win.