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Don't be a Life Hacker

Don't be a Life Hacker

Good things take time...

Great things require pain.

Meaningful things demand sacrifice.

We're pretty entitled today, even if we're not one of the overtly entitled who truly wants what they have not earned...

Even if we're not in that class of human, we still expect things to come with ease, and even try to hack and shortcut our way to acquiring them - skills included.

We want to find a hack for fat loss...

A hack even for learning a language or becoming a better writer or a faster reader.

We want to find a workaround, because our lives, today, are filled with them.

We don't have to hunt our food, in fact, we don't even have to get in the truck and drive to the butcher anymore, we can have it delivered to us.

We don't even have to read a book, we can have someone else read it for us while we listen.

It's not the skill, the animal we eat, the book we absorb, however, that gives us meaning, it's the pain, the sacrifice, the struggle.

We need pain.

We need struggle.

And we're blessed by previous generations who fought for our freedom, that we have the freedom to choose what pain we want in our lives.

We can choose the pain of the gym to build a stronger, healthier body that can endure the pain of adventure and a daring life.

We can choose the pain and sacrifice of building a business so as to ideally, eventually, become more financially secure and to help people with our product, to leave some kind of legacy.

They can't choose their pain in communist countries.

They can't choose their pain where dictators reign.

It's the choosing of one's pain that is life's greatest freedom, not the freedom to choose where to vacation or what movie to watch.

It's not about the pleasures or the hacks or the ease of modern life.

No, meaning comes from choosing our struggle.

It comes from discipline, conquering our weaknesses, not trying to hack through them.

So, don't be a life hacker.

Don't be a shortcut seeker.

Spend those 20 years learning the guitar to become truly proficient and free at playing it.

Spend your lifetime building a stronger, leaner, tougher body.

Spend a decade building a business and developing the skills you can take with you to build another one after.

Spend your life seeking wisdom, and your life applying it.

Don't life-hack.


Commit to who you want to be, and become that man.

While the rest of society lives in avoidance of pain, bring more of it into your life.

Pain and struggle is how we grow, evolve, and learn.

The better we get, the bigger the pain we bring into your life, the greater the struggle we face, the grander the obstacles we attempt to climb.

A great life isn't the absence of such obstacles, but the increasing of their magnitude.

Think bigger. Get out of your comfort zone.

Sprinkle a little daring into your goals, and understand that they're not supposed to be quick or easy. It's the difficulty in them that makes us better and gives us meaning.

You're built not for the pain you currently endure, but pain that's far more grand.

Increase your struggle, your obstacles, your pain.

That's how we live a great life.

Be Legendary,
Chad Hows

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