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How to Have Endless Energy: The Routine

How to Have Endless Energy: The Routine

Energy, not necessarily time, is the greatest commodity on the planet.

One man can do more with less time because of the energy he has than another can do with more time because of low energy.

I’ve been obsessed with energy for years now, trying to figure out how to have more of it, how to create a better quality of energy, and how to ensure that it doesn’t fade.

The greatest achievers the world has ever known all had energy that seemed superhuman. They weren’t superhuman at all. Whether we’re talking about Theodore Roosevelt, Napoleon, or James Cook, they were normal men who did more with what they had than other men.

In this article you’ll discover how to have more energy every single day regardless of how much work you have to do.

This is the important thing to understand about energy…

You’re the source, not the receiver of energy.

Humans are energy. Atoms are energy. Everything is energy, and you create a massive amount of energy, it’s not something you can to take in to create, but rather, you create it on your own.

Second, your future self, your ideal, your potential, the life you can live and have to live to die a proud man because of how you lived, depends on you to be high-energy.

Let’s dive in…


How to Create Endless Energy


The Why

Last night I watched Tony Robbins on the Hotboxin’ Podcast with Mike Tyson. The guy has endless amounts of energy, it’s insane. 

His shows can be cheesy, but holy hell does he bring it.

Tony always talks about someone’s ‘why’. Why are you doing the work, the training, why are you living? Often the ‘why’ is a ‘who’. Who are you doing this for? When your reason contains other people it adds to your drive, ambition, and desire. 

That said, wanting to be the best you can be at something is a great why as well, you just have to write it down more often, keep it in eyesight, think about where you’re heading and why you’re heading there.



Napoleon Hill coined the term ‘sex transmutation’, which means taking sexual energy and focusing it toward a goal. 

It’s a powerful, rarely talked about form of energy that men have in abundance. Most of us use it on actual sex - which is great, but you can have too much sex - or porn, which isn’t great, it’s horrible actually. Porn robs you of this form of energy. It ‘expels it’ into a napkin, to be blunt. 

Go to the beach, see a bunch of cuties in bikinis, and you’ll understand this energy. Have a cutie on a date, and you’ll understand this energy. It’s powerful, but when focused on a goal it’s used to a greater end.

There are things you can take to increase your sexual desire, like Maca (found in both Man Mojo and Man Greens). 

The main thing with sexual energy is to use it for achievement. Masterbation is a waste of such energy. Thus, to have this energy, don’t jerk off. Instead, bed your woman, by all means, but for as long as you can focus it on achievement, on your goals.

One study measured the effects of abstaining from ejaculation on male testosterone levels. Between 2-5 days there wasn’t much change, but at 7 days testosterone levels increased by 145.7%! That’s INSANE if you’ve ever tried to increase your testosterone levels.

This portion will be crude for some, but it’s real life. Hold on to your swimmers and you’ll have more energy and higher testosterone levels as a result.



To have more energy you have to spend less energy on things that don’t matter. 

Scrolling through social media is a waste of energy. You’re making these tiny decisions that you’re unaware of that saps your energy.

Think of decision-making - or willpower - as limited within a day. You have a finite amount of decisions you can make with the right amount of energy. That’s why at the end of a day you tend to make stupid decisions, like having one too many glasses of scotch, watching TV, being lazy, or whatever. 

Treat decisions with respect. Each one - especially early - should be done for a good reason. That’s why guys like Steve Jobs would wear essentially the same thing everyday.

They had very important decisions to make during the day and they didn’t want what they wore to take away from that decision-making capacity.

This also means that you should make firm and fast decisions. Don’t overthink. Get in the habit of making a decision and going for it very quickly. Do this with everything, from what movie you’re going to watch to what you’re going to eat. Decide and act.



This is my favorite kind of energy because I’ve felt its power. When you’re excited about something, typically about possibilities of something you’re striving for or trying to achieve, you have boundless amounts of energy.

It’s those work sessions that go on for 8 hours where you forget to eat. You’re excited about what may be, and that excitement allows you to do superhuman things.

This comes in waves, which is natural. But you can be excited more often. It’s not something you have to wait for.

Be excited, but don’t always daydream. When we focus on what may be, or what can be, we can begin to daydream. This takes away energy rather than giving it. 

Write down your biggest goals. These are massive, they’re dreams. Cut the timeline from 5 years to 6 months. Seriously. Confining your biggest dreams to a smaller timeline is far more exciting than leaving them far off into the future.

Look at this dream every single day. Whatever the hell it is, keep it in front of your eyes as often as possible. Write it somewhere, everywhere, so that you don’t lose sight of what you’re working toward.



Sleep is insanely important for energy. When I get 8 hours vs 5 hours, I’m a different human, a better one. 

I’ll keep this short because I’ve covered it a fair bit on the site.

To get a great sleep every night:

  • No booze 4 hours before bed
  • No caffeine 6 hours before bed
  • No screens 1 hour before bed
  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time 7 days a week
  • Take Man Sleep 1 hour before bed

Do those things and you’ll double your energy and maybe even your testosterone levels.



While focusing on what we do not have can bring excitement, it’s a contract we’re setting with ourselves that we will not be happy until we get this thing, which is stupid.

Achievement is just a game, treat it as such. Writing down 3 things you’re grateful for every single day gives energy because it gives peace. It lowers stress. It keeps things in the proper perspective.

Play to win, but also understand that you’re going to be happy whether you win or lose and that victory is always around the corner, so keep going.


The Routine

Now, let’s bring this into actionable practices that’ll get you the energy you need, want, deserve.

Wake-up Routine

  • Cold water - splash cold water on your face, or better yet take a cold shower.
  • 50 push ups to get the blood flowing. Workout early in the morning if it fits your schedule.
  • Write down 3 things you’re grateful for.
  • Write down your massive dreams and shorten them to a 6 month span.
  • Take Man Greens. This gives me a jolt of energy that’s stimulant-free and that lasts, along with adaptogens that lower cortisol and ingredients that boost immunity and boost testosterone.
  • Take Man D3, it’ll help increase testosterone but also avoid the ‘winter blues’.

Have what you’re working on written down the night before so you’re not trying to figure that out in the morning.

Have what you wear laid out so you’re not trying to figure that out in the morning.

I like fasting until around 10 or 11 depending on when I’m training. I have more energy in those early hours and I’m not wasting my best hours eating.

With that first meal I take Man Brain, always. It gets me dialled in, focused, and it gives me a jolt of energy while helping improve recall, memory, and fight cognitive decline.

Man Brain is essentially a multi for your brain, giving you ingredients you’re not getting from your diet - even a healthy diet.

Keep reviewing your dreams.

Take active work breaks. Walk outside. Take the dog for a walk. Get out early and get cold air on your face.

Finally, when I do this I have more energy because I have more urgency; have a FIRM end to the day. 

If I don’t do this work can drag out later and later into the evening, and I don’t get that much more done. 

Things to avoid that sap energy:

  • Keep your phone on silent for the majority of the day
  • Don’t eat crap foods, it sucks your energy like nothing else
  • Don’t spend ANY time around low energy people
  • Don’t get in conversations that involve gossip or envy
  • Take random days off - do something exciting from time to time outside of work

Life is SHORT.

We only truly realize this when we’re at our end. To exist without optimal energy is to live a subdued and sedated life. It’s to exist rather than to live.

Take this shit seriously. Apply the steps. Try it for a week and see how you feel.

We get to decide the quality of the life we live, start making decisions that pull you forward rather than those that spread you too thin.

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