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Never Give Up. Never Give In.

Never Give Up. Never Give In.

There's a delay in achievement of any kind...
First, you have to figure out what to do (habits).
Then you have to have those habits in place and consistent for a period of time.
It feels like you're doing the right thing, and you likely are, so where are the results?
They're waiting patiently, peaking their head out with little signs of improvement, waiting for this snowball of effort to yield the results.
Two examples are relatively linear in showing this effect:
Health, and investing.
In investing, if you invest consistently into a stock or group of stocks that yield a steady but consistent return, it takes decades to bear any real fruits.
You may technically be doing the right thing for a long period, but those habits need to compound. It's time x habits that yield results.
With fitness, it's even more linear and consistent.
When you have the right habits, results don't just appear right away, they, too, take time.
It's as if those habits, too, compound, like they do in investing. A few things happen:
1. The habit becomes easier the more you do it.

It becomes innate, a part of your daily life that once seemed challenging but now seems natural.
2. As the habits start literally showing results, your body, because of the healthy habits of training, eating, supplementing, and so forth, starts performing more effeciently.
When you lose fat, your hormones perform better, you use fuel (food) more efficiently, you burn fat more easily because of said hormones, but also because of the muscle you've gained.
It's that initial first few months (yes, months, not days or even weeks) that we have to get through.
It's the struggling, wondering whether these habits will actually get us the results they want. It's in this period that most quit.
The results didn't come fast enough. It looks easier for everyone else (social media is horrible for this). So, the effort and struggle seem fruitless and useless.
Here's the thing, here's also why our company is called MITA (Man in the Arena).
This adoption of the right habits, this adoption of discipline and persistence, it truly is the only way to live.
No one has achieved anything via quitting too early, nor by laziness. 
Forget the results, being disciplined, being healthy, focused, and persistent, is the only way to achieve, and the only way to live.
It's the critic, in that famous speech, who 'points out how the strong man stumbles', who'll never truly taste victory or defeat, or find out how great they can be.
So, I know it's tough, but this is life, this is how we win, this is how we achieve, and this is how we live.
Stick with it. Keep going. Never quit. You never know where victory lies. It could be lurking around the corner, and opting out of the race simply ensures you'll never taste its sweetness.
Be Legendary, 
Chad Howse

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