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The best meal plans for men to boost testosterone, improve health and body composition.
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The Best Meal Plans for Men To Boost Testosterone, Lose Fat, and Build Muscle.

Let go of the guesswork. See exactly what you should and shouldn’t eat on a daily basis to reach your health, fitness, and hormonal goals.

Even if you know what you should eat to boost testosterone, gain muscle, and burn fat, putting that information into practice isn’t that easy.

Especially when calories matter so much.

And even though something is natural, doesn’t mean it’s actually good for your male hormone profile…

Alfalfa, flax, soy, mint, and even green tea have all been shown to increase estrogen levels in men and in the process hurt testosterone production.

Body fat also kills testosterone, but dieting can too by increasing your cortisol levels.

Which can leave you with a bit of a dichotomy…

Do I drop to a caloric deficit and lose fat or stay at a caloric maintenance to keep my cortisol levels in check?

Or, if you want to gain muscle do you also gain fat or is there any way around this?

Not to mention the fact that there are TONS of lies and myths out there about how men should actually eat.

For example, did you know that lowering your carbohydrate intake - or going ‘low carb’ - will increase your cortisol levels, which will drop your testosterone product?

Or that reducing fats too low robs your body of its foundation to produce testosterone, cholesterol, which is converted into testosterone in the testes?






Which is why I’ve created meal plans for you, a driven, active man who needs energy and testosterone to thrive, and who needs to be a lean, mean, muscled machine to get the most out of life in every area.

The reality is that diet plays a HUGE role in your body composition, your health, hormones, and energy levels.

Along with the right training routine, the proper diet, the correct meals at the correct times, you can achieve whatever goal you have in mind if both are optimal. 

These meal plans help you do just that by giving you the:

Optimal macronutrient breakdown for your goals and for your hormones

The ideal caloric intake for
your goals

And the right foods to eat to boost your hormone

So I asked some questions earlier…

Should you lose fat but go into a caloric deficit? YES.

Once the fat is lost with these meal plans, you can get back to a caloric maintenance and your hormones will thrive.

Should you eat more to gain muscle?

Yes, but slowly. Most ‘gaining’ protocols put you at a massive surplus and fill your diet with foods that are horrible for your health and hormones.

A slower approach may take longer, but you’ll stay lean because we use the right macro breakdown, and you’ll keep your hormones healthy in the process.

The reality is that it’s easier, faster, and more effective to follow these meal plans than it is to go out on your own and try and ‘figure it out’.

It’ll cut your time in half… It’ll help you reach your goals faster…

They’ll help you improve your energy levels and your hormones.

Pick up the MITA Meal Plans TODAY, because they’re the best meal plans for men to boost testosterone, improve health and body composition…

...And, it’s time to stop wasting time and start making those massive improves you’re capable of making.

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