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Men: How To Maintain Your Vitality At Any Age

Support daily energy and performance with the science-backed vitality boosting ingredients inside Man Greens.

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Scientists Discover 2 Causes Of Male Fatigue And Performance
Issues, And One Simple Way To Solve Them Both…

Do you feel like you’re losing energy and motivation? It doesn’t have to be that way.

New research uncovered the two main causes of fatigue in men. Stress and sluggish blood flow. (1) (2)

As men age, stress increases and blood flow decreases. Resulting in low energy, brain fog, lack of motivation, and even contributing to erectile dysfunction and muscle loss. As long as stress is high and blood flow is slow, you won’t feel or perform your best.

But by improving your body’s natural stress response and boosting blood flow, you can maintain all-day energy, sharp focus, and youthful drive in every area of life. (3)


That’s why we created…


Man Greens is unlike any vitality supplement you’ve ever tried before.

It’s the only greens powder that’ll make you more resilient to stress while boosting blood flow so you feel good and perform better in the office, the gym, the bedroom, and everywhere else.

Man Greens contains 9 vitality superfoods in their clinically effective dosages. It comes in an organic, naturally sweetened lemonade flavor. And it’s a simple one-step ritual to support your health and vitality first thing in the morning.

Inside every delicious
serving of Man Greens you’ll find:

full, clinically effective doses of organic science-backed ingredients to help improve…

Male hormone balance

These plants have been shown to reduce estrogen in men, support healthy testosterone, and reduce stress hormones, supporting optimal hormone balance.

✔ Organic Tongkat Ali
✔ Organic KSM-66 Ashwagandha
✔ Organic Forskolin
✔ Organic White Button Mushrooms


We’re a chronically-stressed culture, which can crush male hormones, energy levels, and overall health. These adaptogens have been shown to improve your body’s response to stress, lowering stress hormones in the process.

✔ Organic KSM-66 Ashwagandha
✔ Organic Maca
✔ Organic Tongkat Ali


✔ Organic Maca
✔ Organic Tongkat Ali

Overall health

✔ Organic Spirulina
✔ Organic Moringa
✔ Organic White Button Mushrooms
✔ Organic KSM-66 Ashwagandh

Energy and vitality

✔ Organic Spirulina
✔ Organic Moringa
✔ Organic Maca
✔ Organic KSM-66 Ashwagandha


(benefits / attributes)

All-Natural, Fully Organic


Plant Ingredients

No Stimulants

Delicious Flavor

Non-Habit Forming

Order Today and Get a FREE copy of the Man Diet

The Man Diet is a book written by our founder, Chad Howse. It’s backed by years of research about the best way for a man to eat to support his hormones, health, and get better results from his training. A digital copy is yours for free with your order of Man Greens.

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The #1 Green Drink For Men

See why over 42,000 men love Man Greens

Dan M verified buyer

"Two weeks

Well two weeks in noticing a change! I teach MMA fighters wrestling and have been off the mats for these two weeks! Im 63 with low T ! Even without the hard workouts im feeling firm the muscle is tightened up! So far so good!"

Terry W verified buyer

"Great Product!

I have been using the Man Greens for 3 months now and will continue to do so. Perks me up in tje morning and sets me up for the day!"

Jude G verified buyer

"Great Product!

Been using "greens" from other sources for 20+ years. Read about Man Greens and how it omitted some ingredients because they were not conducive to male physiology. Began using it almost a year ago and I believe that Man Greens has made a big difference in my overall health as well as my workouts! It is now my new "greens". Totally recommend for men."

Michael S verified buyer


I was getting testosterone injections, and even tried the implanted pellets a few times. Man Greens has replaced all of that inconvenient and expensive ****!"

Gus F verified buyer

"Man Greens is a part of my life!

I have been using Man Greens to supplement my greens intake for almost two years now. It is such a part of my life I'm not sure what I would do without it. Today I am 50 years old, 3 years ago I changed just about everything I did in my daily habitual life to make everyday better and get myself to the goal of living an active, healthy life into triple digits. Man Greens has been and will be an integral part of realizing that goal. Since I have started using Man Greens daily I haven't been sick and most importantly my body has felt energized and firing on all cylinders. I feel better today than I did when I was in my early 30's!"


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