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The #1 Superfood Green Drink For Men

Science-backed ingredients shown to support health, libido, energy, and your hormones.

Comprehensive nutrition in 1 scoop

Support immunity, energy, vitality*

Helps reduce stress

Support healthy T-levels & cortisol levels

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"My workouts are better, I can go longer and further. Recovery is quicker, starting to lean out too."

Look, we get it: you’re not the strapping young lad you used to be.  

Stress, low energy, poor sleep, and less talked about, low testosterone can all make life way harder than it already is. 

But what if there was an easy way to get all the nutrients a man needs and feel better and more determined than ever before?

ManGreens makes it easy to take control of your overall health, and start feeling the absolute best for your age.

…And best of all: It’s all found in single scoop that can produce physical & mental improvements in as little as 5 days. 

Sound’s too good to be true, doesn’t it? An easy way to incorporate every essential nutrient your body needs to thrive, all in less than 60 seconds.

We created Man Greens by combining clinically effective doses of naturally grown adaptogens, superfoods, and anabolic agents - designed specifically for the needs of men.

...So you can feel your absolute best, all day every day.





The #1 Green Drink For Men

1) Boost Energy & Vitality

Flood your body with nine of the most powerful superfoods on the planet to boost energy, vitality and overall health.

2) Hormone Support

Full, clinically effective doses of potent ingredients proven to boost testosterones, lower estrogen, manage cortisol and increase androgen receptors.

3) Supports Health & Immunity

Get a surge of powerful ingredients in their full doses that boost libido, blood flow and help your immune system function at its best.

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Ingredients List

Man Greens is a must for every man. Take Man Greens once per day for full doses of science-backed ingredients shown to support health, libido, energy, and your hormones. One serving a day can be a life changing habit.

One Serving. Nine Amazing Superfoods

No proprietary blends. Just nine nutritionally-dense superfoods in their full, clinically effective doses so you can feel the benefits in every serving.

600MG of KSM-66 Ashwagandha

Helps mitigate stress, supports male hormone health, nutritiously dense.

250MG of Organic Forskolin

Increases androgen receptors in men, supports male testosterone health.

1.5G of Organic Maca

Supports a strong libido, nutritiously dense, mitigates stress response.

5G of Organic Spirulina

Nutritiously dense powerhouse, supports overall health, energy, immunity and vitality.

1G of Organic Beet Root

Supports overall health, increases nitric oxide to improve circulation.

1000MG of Organic White Button Mushrooms

Supports estrogen balance, immunity, and overall health.

1G of Organic Moringa Oleifera

Nutritious powerhouse supports overall health, immunity, energy, vitality.

200MG of Tongkat Ali

Supports male testosterone levels, free testosterone levels, and reduces estrogen while improving energy.

The Holy Grail of Men's Health 

Man Greens is for all men who want to have a thriving sex drive, insane energy, high testosterone levels, to be able to recover quickly from workouts and rid themselves of brain fog.

Other "greens"

Tired & out of shape

High estrogen levels

Ineffective doses

No results

Man Greens

Full-blown beast mode

Better ingredients

No proprietary blends

Better results

Built For High Performance

Man Greens was created with one goal in mind - to change your life with one simple habit.

1. Improve Male Hormone Health

While many greens supplements contain flax, soy, and alfalfa which can increase estrogen and decrease male hormones, Man Greens is different.

Since it has clinically effective doses and contains no proprietary blends, you can trust that you're getting a proper amount of each ingredient.

Take one scoop a day to improve your testosterone levels, reduce stress, and improve sleep.

2. Boost Energy & Vitality

Man Greens is for the man in the arena who is driven, taking risks, pursuing goals and dreams, and can't afford to under-perform.

With energy-boosting adaptogens, like ashwaghanda & maca, Man Greens helps your body deal with stress, improve endurance., and stay focused all day long.

3. Boost Immunity & Overall Health

Man Greens is packed with immune-boosting superfoods that are great for your overall health and well-being., such as spirulina and spinach.

If you want to feel healthier and more motivated than ever before, then this is for you.

The #1 Green Drink For Men

See why over 42,000 men love Man Greens

Dan M verified buyer

"Two weeks

Well two weeks in noticing a change! I teach MMA fighters wrestling and have been off the mats for these two weeks! Im 63 with low T ! Even without the hard workouts im feeling firm the muscle is tightened up! So far so good!"

Terry W verified buyer

"Great Product!

I have been using the Man Greens for 3 months now and will continue to do so. Perks me up in tje morning and sets me up for the day!"

Jude G verified buyer

"Great Product!

Been using "greens" from other sources for 20+ years. Read about Man Greens and how it omitted some ingredients because they were not conducive to male physiology. Began using it almost a year ago and I believe that Man Greens has made a big difference in my overall health as well as my workouts! It is now my new "greens". Totally recommend for men."

Michael S verified buyer


I was getting testosterone injections, and even tried the implanted pellets a few times. Man Greens has replaced all of that inconvenient and expensive ****!"

Gus F verified buyer

"Man Greens is a part of my life!

I have been using Man Greens to supplement my greens intake for almost two years now. It is such a part of my life I'm not sure what I would do without it. Today I am 50 years old, 3 years ago I changed just about everything I did in my daily habitual life to make everyday better and get myself to the goal of living an active, healthy life into triple digits. Man Greens has been and will be an integral part of realizing that goal. Since I have started using Man Greens daily I haven't been sick and most importantly my body has felt energized and firing on all cylinders. I feel better today than I did when I was in my early 30's!"

Edward S. verified buyer

"Man Greens is great

I really like Man Greens, I have more energy and feel better and stronger."

David B. verified buyer

"Man Greens

This product is fantastic. Great feeling and great energy. Calming and the sleep is great. Can’t say enough about their integrity of ingredients."

Rob J. verified buyer

"A product that actually WORKS!

I am having great results! I train pretty hard at my age! I just turned 64! I was unfortunately off the product for over a month! I am getting tone back in those muscles again! I highly recommend!"

Darren N verified buyer


I’ve been using this for about 3 years now. I don’t go a day without it. First off: tastes amazing. You have to shake it every once in a while because the ingredients separate.. because THEY ARE GOOD INGREDIENTS. I rarely get sick, and never bad. Man greens is a Major staple of my health diet."


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