Become The Man You Can Become with the:

Man in the

Arena Tribe

If you really want to reach your health & fitness goals, but also your business & life goals, the Man in the Arena Tribe is the #1 resource for your success.



proven workouts to help reach your goals faster.



monthly challenges to make you tougher, more resilient.



develop the virtues required for success



learn what to eat to optimize health, hormones, & fitness



a Tribe of guys getting after it just like you, supporting you

We make the best supplements a man can take, so you can get the results you want. It’s no different with the workouts, nutrition, and everything else you need to success (which is all we want to see happen).

So, we give you the training, nutrition, motivation, the challenges, virtues, and lessons to help you succeed, for free.

The caveat…

You have to do the work.

We’ll give you the optimal workout for your goals, the perfect diet to help you get results, even the lessons to develop the discipline success demands, so long as you work.

We’d love to have you as a part of our growing Tribe of men training, eating right, and improving in every area of life.

Become a Man in the Arena.

What Tribe Members are Saying:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have to pay anything to get the workouts, nutrition, and everything else?

No. Well, kind of. For two years you have to pay nothing. Year three you have to pay a whopping $1 for the entire year just because of the way the app works with the content within the Tribe.

So, you get the best workouts to help you reach your goals, nutrition to do the same, challenges to help you become grittier and tougher, lessons to help you develop discipline and other virtues that your goals require… For free.

What’s the catch? Why are you giving this all away for free?

The catch is the work. We only want guys who will actually do the work and participate in the Tribe. Or, guys who actually want to get in great shape, get stronger, healthier, and so on.

If you don’t actually want to reach your goals, if you don’t do the work, we’ll ask you to leave.

We give this away because our founder created years worth of courses, workouts, and content, and decided to just give it away because his and our concern is that you reach your goals. Our supplements and other products help with that in a big way, we just want to make sure you have every piece of the puzzle, so you’re not missing anything, so you do actually reach your goals.

We want you to succeed, and that’s all we want.

What kind of workouts are in the Tribe?

We have a lot of different kinds of workouts, however, we do only include the scientifically best forms of training for fat loss, gaining muscle, and strength.

Much of the training follows a daily undulating periodization method that’s been shown to maximize strength and muscle gains, but also maintain muscle while aiming for fat loss (which is the best way to burn even more fat).

Can I sign up and start anytime?

Yes. You can sign up now and start when you’re ready. You can go at your own pace. And best of all, if you have any questions, our founder, Chad, is in there every day helping guys, as are the other members who’ve already gone through many of the Tribe workouts, challenges, and lessons, so you’ll have a lot of help.