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3 Causes Of “Bedroom Problems” For Men — And A Simple Daily Routine That Fixes

ALL Of Them In Seconds…

And Supercharges Libido, Stiffness, And Stamina For Planned And Spontaneous Fun…

Monday, JULY 19
by Chad Howse


As a men’s health expert for the last decade, I’ve heard lots of stories about what happens (or doesn’t happen) behind closed doors.

A guy and his wife are in bed. The sexual desire builds. But then, his body betrays him and he can’t get it “up”.

He hopes she won’t notice. But when things take longer than normal to get going, she senses something’s wrong.

“What’s going on?” she says.

He mutters something about being tired. But she can see right through him.

She rubs his back and says, “It’s okay, we’ll try again tomorrow.”

He hopes and prays it was a fluke. But it keeps happening, crushing his confidence and driving a wedge between him and the woman he loves.

If any of that “hits home” or is something you want to avoid, the next step is critical…

TV commercials, radio ads, and website articles (like this one) all claim to have the answer. So knowing what’s true and what’s not is important.

The problem with most “solutions” is they try to dumb down the cause of “bedroom problems” to just one issue.

But performance issues aren’t caused by just one thing. There are THREE issues. And most men experience all three at one time or another, if not, all at once.

Performance Problem #1: Blood Flow

Blood flow is key for having a confident and satisfying sex life. Without it, men can’t get or keep an erection. However, studies show after turning 30, the cardiovascular system begins to change, and blood flow begins to slow down (in some more than others).(1)

The biggest change is when the body produces less nitric oxide, a molecule that helps to open up arteries and blood vessels to support blood flow “down there”.(2)(3)

One’s past with diet and exercise, and with other factors like family medical history and general aging, can also lead to reduced blood flow when and where it’s needed most.

Performance Problem #2: Stress

In order to respond to a woman’s sexual “teasing”, your brain needs to switch off from stress and switch on to sexual pleasure.

However, long term stress can make it challenging for the brain to make that switch.

When one gets stressed, the body releases the hormone cortisol. And when cortisol levels increase, it lowers “T” and restricts blood flow—both of which can block one’s ability to get and stay hard.

Performance Problem #3: Hormones

The most important male hormone for sexual health and function is “T”.

When T levels are healthy (and as long as blood flow and stress are healthy and balanced) libido can be close to what it was as a teenager.

The male body is created so that men can maintain virility our entire lives.

But due to several factors that lower T levels (like age, stress, poor diet, hours of sitting, and more), men need an extra edge to keep those levels higher.

Most “solutions” only address one of those

issues at a time…

Take the little blue (or yellow) pill for example.

They both do one thing: Improve blood flow. But they don’t help lower stress or boost T. As a result, even Pharma pills can be hit-or-miss. Plus…

They only boost blood flow for a limited time, meaning men who use them need to plan sex around access to the pills. This leaves spontaneity off the table (which is one of the most exciting parts of intimacy). Typically…

Men who don’t want a synthetic Pharma option will look for an herbal supplement.

Herbal supplements can be an even bigger letdown. First, because most herbal supplements either help boost T or boost blood flow or calm stress—separately.

Which means you would need to have a pill reminder to keep track of all the different supplements to take and in what dosages. Plus, it’s expensive to order three different formulas to solve three different problems.

But there’s another catch. The supplements can only solve these problems if the company uses premium organic ingredients in the proven science-backed dosages.

Unfortunately, 99% of companies don’t do that. Instead, they use cheap forms of ingredients in less than effective doses. So…

Little blue and yellow pills, and most herbal supplements won’t help men get their mojo back…

But the good news is there’s an even easier way that’s completely natural, it works, and only takes a few seconds to follow.

This is BETTER than any synthetic pill because it boosts blood flow ALL DAY, which doesn’t only improve the size and hardness of erections…

But it means you and her can be as spontaneous as you want. The bedroom. The shower. The backseat. The coat closet at the Hilton. It’s your call.

This daily ritual also helps to manage stress for you. It’s not a breathing technique. It’s not meditation. But it has the same effect. Plus…

This simple home routine boosts T levels. And by doing it once per day, your master sex hormone goes higher and higher until it’s closer to teenage levels.

I think you’ll agree, it’s better to kill three birds with one stone than three birds with three stones. And…

This ONE easy solution addresses all three causes of bedroom issues and supercharges virility — it’s called:
Man Mojo

Man Mojo is premium fuel for your sex drive that contains 5 powerful and natural ingredients in their science backed dosages… proven to boost sexual health and performance in men of all ages.

Here’s how it solves all three causes of male bedroom problems:

Fixing Blood Flow: H Goat Weed + Cacao Polyphenols

H Goat Weed has been used for centuries to help boost blood flow, sexual health, and sexual performance in men.

There is a compound in the body called PDE-5 that becomes a big problem for men over 30. This enzyme affects blood flow in ways you don’t want. However…

H Goat Weed is a PDE-5 BLOCKER and as a result it helps to relax the blood vessels, enhance blood flow to one’s “manhood”, and improve stiffness.(4)

Cacao Polyphenols are the compounds inside raw, dark chocolate that increase nitric oxide, stimulate blood flow and boost sexual function.(5)(6)

In one study, scientists isolated these compounds and had them hyper concentrated into a strong powder. And men who took this form of polyphenols saw a 45% boost in sexual performance.(7)

Fixing Stress: Korean Panax Ginseng + Maca Root

Korean Panax Ginseng is an ancient libido booster that helps support a healthy sex life by helping to reduce stress and boost the “pleasure centers” of the brain.(8)(9)

In one study, men who used Korean Panax GInseng had an easier time getting hard, staying hard, and having more enjoyable sexual experiences with their partners.(10)

Maca Root is rich in compounds that create aphrodisiac-like activity in the body. An aphrodisiac stimulates sexual desire, sexual behavior, and sexual pleasure.(11)

It’s also a powerful “adaptogen”. An adaptogen is an ingredient that helps to naturally lower stress, boost pleasure and improve mood. And maca helps do exactly that, leading to feelings of increased sexual desire.(12)

Fixing Hormones: Tribulus Terrestris (95% Saponins)

Tribulus Terrestris (95% Saponins) is the only form of tribulus proven to help increase the body’s natural production of T. Indian and Chinese herbalists have been using this for centuries to support male libido and vitality.

Men who took this potent form of tribulus boosted sex drive 79% and reported an increase in desire, satisfaction between them and their partner, and even bigger orgasms.(13)(14)

Each ingredient specializes in key aspects of male sexual health and performance…

And each ingredient is the BEST at what they do. It’s like an All-Star Team for your libido and virility.

I even went the extra mile to have Man Mojo packed in glass bottles instead of plastic ones. Plastic has been shown to lower T and increase estrogen levels, leading to bedroom problems.(15)

But Man Mojo comes in a glass bottle to protect you and the pills inside from hormone disrupting plastics.

All you have to do is take one serving once per day and let the ingredients supercharge your blood flow, reduce stress, and boost T. Again…

With Man Mojo, you don’t have to “plan” for sex like you do with the little blue pill companies. With this, you’re always ready. So, let your imagination run wild.

Plus, all that extra mojo won’t only keep her shouting your praises in bed…

These ingredients support blood flow, a healthy stress response, and higher T for 24-hours a day (not just a couple hours like the Pharma pills).

So Man Mojo can give you an edge and make you a better man in other areas of life too—like the gym, the office, or for any hobbies you enjoy.

Man Mojo is THE premium libido booster for men…

It’s helped thousands of men boost their confidence and give their women a new level of pleasure. Here’s what some of our customers are saying about it:

“It simply does what it’s supposed to do. I feel it myself, and my girlfriend who is 20 years younger says the same.” Koen G. Verified Customer

“I’m 55 years old and since using Man Mojo, I start to have spontaneous increases to my libido, like when I’m at work or driving! I’m not complaining though!” Frank R. Verified Customer

“This has definitely taken things up a notch.”Justin L. Verified Customer

“This is hands down the best supplement I’ve taken. It’s given me a noticeable difference in drive, mood, and libido. Also increases my overall drive and sense of clarity during the work day.” Anthony M. Verified Customer

Find out why MOJO is the only virility supplement you'll ever need.


Find out why Man MOJO is the only virility supplement you'll ever need.


Test it and see for yourself

All you have to do is click the button that says “Order Man Mojo”, select how many bottles you’d like us to send you, and we’ll get your new daily ritual for sexual health and vitality in the mail so it arrives 5-7 business days from now.

I know a lot of guys are skeptical about supplements. But the bottom line with supplements is you never know how well it’ll work for you until you try it.

And the good news is you can try Man Mojo risk-free.

Every purchase is protected with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love it, then let us know and you get your money back.

With that said, since releasing Man Mojo, I’ve gotten 1, maybe 2 refund requests. And, that’s fine. I can’t please everybody.

But the overwhelming majority of men who order Man Mojo and take it every day for at least 60-days see truly life-changing results.

And there’s no reason to think you’ll be an exception.

Find out why MOJO is the only virility supplement you'll ever need.


Find out why Man MOJO is the only virility supplement you'll ever need.


The only “problem” we’ve had with Man Mojo —

Is keeping it in stock!

I knew that using only organic ingredients in their clinically effective dosages would make it challenging to keep Man Mojo in stock.

But it’s a price I was willing to pay to create a performance booster that does everything it promises.

So, if you’re interested in trying it, don’t wait, because we will run out soon. And when we do, it could be 8 weeks or longer before we’re back in stock.

That’s a good reason to choose the 3 bottle option on the next page.

You won’t only save money, but you’ll also secure 3 months of Man Mojo, so you don’t have to worry about running out anytime soon.

I’m excited for you to try this. Go ahead and click that button below to beat the three causes of bedroom problems with one simple daily serving of Man Mojo. You and her will be happy you did.

Find out why Man MOJO is the only virility supplement you'll ever need.


Happy customer: Bernie W.

"I have used this product for nine months and have excellent results and have experienced no side effects!"

Find out why MOJO is the only virility supplement you'll ever need.



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