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Power Your Health, Hormones, and Vitality

With full doses of organic ingredients backed by science to support health, hormones, circulation, & stress, in a single scoop.

FREE Copy of the Man Diet book with every order.

60-day money back guarantee

Get Results with Full Doses of Proven Ingredients in Every Serving.

Man Greens was created with one goal in mind - to change your life with one simple habit by including full doses of proven ingredients instead of hiding our formula in blends and complexes. This is unheard of in an industry that puts margins over quality.

Hormone support

Anabolic plants that support testosterone, reduce stress, and block estrogen.*

More energy

No stimulants. Just full doses of superfoods and adaptogens to boost energy.*

Stress Support

Adaptogens to help mitigate the stress response and keep stress hormones in check.*

Immune Support

Organic, nutritiously dense superfoods that increase killer cells to boost immune response.*

Man Greens vs Everyone Else

Most Greens Powders Are The Same.
Small Doses Hidden In Blends or Complexes and Ingredients That Hurt Male Hormones.

The right ingredients in full doses is actually important - and rare. What you see in almost every supplement is a blend or complex, within it are the ingredients. You don't know how much of each ingredient is being used. And to be effective, you need a full dose of that ingredient. Blends and complexes are how big companies keep their margins high, while giving us a useless product that we think is great.

VS The Best Selling Greens

Full doses of every ingredient in every serving

Doses hidden in a blend or complex to boost margins and reduce quality

Contains ingredients that support male hormones and none that increase female hormones

Ingredients that increase estrogen like reishi mushrooms or soy lechithin (check the label)

Fully organic ingredients

Some organic ingredients, but others that aren't and contain harmful pesticides

Full doses of adaptogens to manage stress

Micro doses of adaptogens just so we can put them on the label without costing us too much!



Men All Over the World Are Loving Man Greens

250+ 5-star reviews and counting...

Try Man Greens

Whether you're in a rush or on the road, MG is the tasty healthy habit you can add to your routine today that actually makes a difference.

250+ 5-star reviews & counting

Clinically effective doses: Each ingredient is backed by research & human trials, and included in it's fully effective, organic dose in a single scoop.

3rd party tested: Every batch of MG is 3rd party tested for purity, dosing per scoop, and heavy metals/foreign substances so you know you're getting what's on the label.

Better ingredients, better you: Each natural ingredient promotes health, supports immunity, anabolic hormones, or healthy stress levels*

Backed by science, proven by the men who use it.

Man Greens delivers science-backed ingredients in their fully effective dose

Formulated to men's health, hormones, and vitality, without androgen-disrupting chemicals or ingredients typically found in 'superfood' powders.

Full doses of organic immune-boosting superfoods

Phytonutrients from nutrient-dense superfoods help create a foundation of health & energy. We only use organic superfoods from the best sources so there's no hormone disrupting chemical garbage in your system, just pure, quality, superfoods.*

Support immunity + killer T cells*

Support sustained energy without stimulants*

Organic, fully effective doses in every serving

Full organic doses of anabolic plants

We obsess about choosing the right ingredients, backed by good science, coming from the best sourcing. Not only for health and energy, but to help you optimize your hormones so you can thrive.*

Support optimal testosterone*

Support optimal estrogen balance*

Improve performance, fat loss, focus, and more*

Full doses of organic stress-busting adaptogens

It's a stressful world we live in! Especially us men who are always striving for more. MG gives you full doses of adaptogens, sourced from the best places, to help handle the weight of the world.*

Adaptogens help mitigate our bodies stress response*

Reduced stress hormones mean optimal anabolic hormones*

Clear mind, peaceful energy*

Bigger doses of better ingredients gets guys results they actually care about.

More energy, less stress*

MG men feel a rush of energy that helps improve focus with an added calm that comes from the combination of nutrient-dense superfoods and adaptogens that fuel energy and mitigate our body's response to stress preventing energy crashes.*

Support immunity + killer T cells*

Support sustained energy without stimulants*

Organic, fully effective doses in every serving

More T, less estrogen*

Improving hormonal health for men is a key factor in improving overall health, mental health, and physical performance. MG is formulated to be for men specifically so as to support our hormones while mitigating hormones that don't help us thrive.*

Support optimal testosterone*

Support optimal estrogen balance*

Improve performance, fat loss, focus, and more*

Supports immunity & cardiovascular health*

MG contains powerful adaptogens and superfoods, but also powerful plants that increase nitric oxide which promotes healthy circulation and cardiovascular health.*

Adaptogens help mitigate our bodies stress response*

Reduced stress hormones mean optimal anabolic hormones*

Clear mind, peaceful energy*

We don't just claim quality, we prove it on the label and 3rd party test to ensure it.


One Bag

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You save $20!


60-Day Money Back Guarantee

FREE Shipping within the US


Subscribe & Save BIG

Get it every 30 days. Never run out. FREE Shipping!

$59.95 Per Bag



You save $38/mo!

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Cancel Anytime

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Get 3 Bags Every 90 Days

Autoship Every 90 Days + FREE Shipping, Risk Free

Three green pouches of MITA MANGREENS superfood powder for men.

$50.97 Per Bag



You save $235.09

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Risk-free + Cancel Anytime

FREE Shipping within the US

All of our fully dosed ingredients.

(We chose to include a fully effective dose in every serving. You'll usually see products with 40, 50, even 60 or more ingredients, but it's highly likely none of them are in their fully effective dose, which isn't what any guy wants or needs!)

Tongkat Ali 200mg

Male hormone support, block aromatase (conversion of testosterone to estrogen), stress reduction.*

KSM-66 ashwagandha 500mg

May support male hormones, help reduce stress hormones, nutritiously dense.*

Spirulina 5000mg

Immune support, nutritiously dense superfood, supports energy levels.*

Moringa 1000mg

Nutritiously dense superfood. Supports immunity, health, energy.*

Beet root powder 1000mg

Nutritiously dense. Supports nitric oxide production and healthy circulation.*

Forskholi 250mg

Supports male hormones by increasing androgen receptors. Mitigate stress response.*

White button mushrooms 1000mg

Nutritiously dense. Blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen in the male body.*

Maca 1500mg

Supports libido, mitigating the stress response. Also, very nutritiously dense.*

I'm Chad, the founder of MITA.

Man Greens actually started with a book I wrote, the Man Diet (you'll get a free copy when you order Man Greens).

I was struggling hormonally, and with my energy levels, and after a doc told me to get on TRT I chose to seek out natural solutions instead. Low T typically has underlying issues, poor sleep, poor diet, poor training, body fat, stress, etc. By fixing these issues, by improving your diet, you can have a huge impact on your hormonal health, and having higher T levels can change your life, it's incredible.

I'd always loved the idea of a greens supplement, the idea of getting nutrients from natural sources is great. But no greens supplement I could find had full doses of each ingredient (you need a full dose to have a benefit), but they also had ingredients that hurt male hormones and none that helped.

So, I put my life savings into creating a fully organic, fully dosed greens supplement that had proven ingredients to help male hormones, stress levels, as well as energy and immunity.

It turns out that's insanely rare in this industry that's dominated by margins, not quality. I've taking this approach and applied it to every one of our products. My goal is to help you thrive, pure and simple. Email me here if I can help with anything:

Answers to all of your questions

When will I start experiencing results?

What are the ingredients? (back of label)

Do I have to sign up for a subscription?

When will my order arrive?

Does Man Greens taste good?

What if I don't love it?

Why is Man Greens the best for men?

What are adaptogens and why are they important?

Can I take more than one serving per day?

Why is MG more expensive than some other options?

When is the best time to take Man Greens and how much is a single serving?

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