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CDP-Choline: Brain Booster and Growth Hormone Stimulator 

CDP-Choline: Brain Booster and Growth Hormone Stimulator 

Growth hormone (GH) is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration in humans while also promoting a healthy metabolism and optimal fat to lean muscle ratio. To be optimal physically, it’s best that we have higher or optimal growth hormones. As we age, however, these levels naturally decline by pretty alarming rates (50% every seven years after 18-25 years of age). However, just like the decline in testosterone we experience, age and the way our lives change as we age has to have an impact. I was visiting a pal who happens to be the dad of my godson the other day. My godson’s 7, and he doesn’t stop moving. He also sleeps like a log for 9 hours a night like clockwork, sometimes 10. The effects of a lack of sleep are far more visible in him and his younger brother than they are in adults, which is probably a more ‘true’ effect, as adults who lack sleep simply push through the symptoms because we have to if we’re going to have an effective day. As we age we become far less active, much more sedentary, and we carry much more body fat. Activity levels have an impact on both testosterone and growth hormone, as do body fat levels. Humans are not meant to be sedentary. Our survival was attached to the fact that we could hunt with spears, bows, or our bare hands. It’s not natural to be fat or on the fatter side, just like it’s not natural to be sitting all day. The effects of both a less active lifestyle and consuming non-natural foods is also seen in mental health on top of hormonal health. In his book, The Depression Cure, Stephen Ilardi pH. D, notes a decade long study of modern hunter-gatherer civilizations that found zero cases of depression in these exceptionally active and lean humans. So, while there is some very promising research into supplementation to increase growth hormone, you can’t be inactive and fat and expect to have a good, productive, healthy life. Lift weights, ride your bike, walk, run, play sports. Have hobbies and activities that you do on a weekly and daily basis that get your heart rate up and your lungs working overtime. Once you do this, then you can focus on supplementation. And where supplementation is concerned, CDP-Choline, along with being one of the best supplements you can take for your brain health, also appears to be the best supplement you can take for GH.

CDP Choline and Growth Hormone

As we age we experience more of a natural growth hormone-blocker called somatostatin. Exciting new research suggests that somatostatin, itself, can be inhibited from inhibiting growth hormone secretion with supplementation of CDP-choline, possibly slowing the rate at which growth hormone declines. The hypothalamus regulates GH levels through the release of two opposing hormones: growth hormone-releasing hormone stimulates GH release, while somatotropin release-inhibiting hormone reduces it. New research shows that treatment with CDP-Choline increases GH release by inhibiting somatostatin release in the hypothalamus. This study found that CDP-choline administration in healthy men increased serum GH levels as well. Another human study found that administration of CDP-choline to healthy elderly adults resulted in an incredible increase in serum GH levels of 4x. Of course, CDP-choline isn’t just great for your growth hormone levels - which originate in the brain - but for your brain health as well. Learn more about how CDP-choline helps fight cognitive decline, improve focus, and helps brain performance in this article. But, is it necessary to supplement with CDP-choline? It appears so. A paper published in the Council of Responsible Nutrition revealed 92% of the population is deficient in Choline. Simply put, we’re not getting enough of this powerful nutrient, and we really should be. The reason I put a full, daily dose of CDP-choline in Man Brain was for the incredible benefits for brain health and because it appears to help fight cognitive decline. I wanted my parents to supplement with CDP-choline, as well as myself and everyone taking our supplements, well, every fella on the planet. But this new research into how it can potentially aid in growth hormone secretion makes supplementing with CDP-choline even more important. To get your full, daily dose of high quality CDP-choline, get a bottle of Man Brain here. Man Brain also has another form of choline, alpha GPC, as well as other nutrients that improve memory, focus, and brain function. It’s a must, not just for the ambitious man who wants a few hours of better, more effective work in the run of a day, but for anyone looking to improve their brain health, physical health, and life. Right now you can save $20 per bottle when you subscribe to receive Man Brain. You can also choose your subscription timeline of up to 60 days in between orders. Learn more here.
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