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Korean Panax Ginseng: Powerful Libido and Performance Boosting Adaptogen

Korean Panax Ginseng: Powerful Libido and Performance Boosting Adaptogen

There’s nothing worse than wanting to, but not being able to get it up when you and your lady are getting frisky. They feel like you’re losing attraction to them, which leads to a whole other host of headaches that you just don’t need in your life. The truth is that sometimes it just doesn’t want to ‘get up’, typically because you’re stressed or in your own head, and sometimes a natural ‘jump’ is required. When we’re talking about getting that boost, that jolt, improving performance and possibly desire as well, Ginseng is at the very top of the list as far as effectiveness. ...And more specifically, Korean Panax Ginseng.

Korean Ginseng aids bloodflow and erection strength…

In “the most thorough scientific review to date” on libido-boosting herbs and superfoods, from the University of Guelph, Korean Ginseng ingredient made the top of the list… Korean Panax Ginseng is an adaptogen. Adaptogens are a classification of herbs and foods that have the ability to lower stress in humans. With stress being up there as a number one cause of impotence, adaptogens play a big role in sexual performance, but KPG seems to - along with Maca - aid in sexual performance better than the rest. However, not only does KPG perform like other adaptogens in lowering stress, it supports a healthy sex life by boosting the pleasure centers of the brain. In fact— some experts call it “The King of Adaptogens”... and others call it... A “Natural Sex Enhancer. (study, study)” In a study published in The Journal of Urology, 45 men were subjected to the International Index of Erectile Function questionnaire, as well as a RigiScan and penile duplex ultrasonography… which is a bunch of high-tech stuff that measures erectile performance. (study) Half the men were then given either Korean Panax Ginseng 3 times per day for 8 weeks or a placebo… At the end of the 8 weeks, the men who took Korean Panax Ginseng saw a noticeable boost in sexual performance. The researchers found “Scores on penetration and maintenance were significantly higher in the ginseng than in the placebo group… 60% of the patients answered that Korean red ginseng improved erections… Among other variables penile tip rigidity on RigiScan showed significant improvement for ginseng versus placebo.” So not only did this potent adaptogen kick off the whole process by supporting pleasure chemicals in the brain, but that connection led to impressive erectile performance. Researchers from the Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine reviewed a group of studies that tested the effects of Korean Panax Ginseng on sexual performance… And found in 85% of the studies it had a noticeable impact on sexual desire and erectile performance. But what’s so impressive about this ingredient is that it’s not a one-trick pony. Surprisingly, another study published in the Journal of Medical Investigation found Korean Panax Ginseng isn’t only an adaptogen… But it also boosts blood flow to your manhood by relaxing blood vessels and widening arteries. (study) Because of both these benefits… the International Journal of Impotence Research says Korean Panax Ginseng… “Supports all domains of sexual function and can be used as alternative medicine to improve sexual life.” (study) Furthermore, this study, where 60 men with a history of erectile dysfunction took 1g of Ginseng 3 times a day, showed that in 12 weeks their erection quality and ability to penetrate increased significantly. Finally, this study found that Ginseng contained something called “ginsenosides” that are able to stimulate nitric oxide synthesis in rat cells. Simply put, when it comes to sexual performance for men, ginseng is almost perfectly structured to help men thrive, increasing blood flow, desire, and regulating stress. But what about its effect on testosterone?

Korean Panax Ginseng and Testosterone

The primary use of KPG is to improve sexual performance, increase erection duration and strength, and to improve desire. However, Korean Panax Ginseng does also appear to help boost testosterone through a number of mechanisms. There are a few main studies we can look to for evidence of an effect on testosterone. This study found an increase in testosterone when KPG was given to rats. While this study found that the steroidal saponins that are found in ginseng were able to increase luteinizing hormone, testosterone, DHT, and other androgens in men. And the fact that KPG increases blood flow, would likely mean that your hypothalamus is able to pump more luteinizing hormone to your testes, in turn, producing more testosterone. Is KPG the best, natural testosterone booster out there? No. But it does show some promise, and either way, it’s both healthy for you and it’s very effective at improving sexual performance and drive. On top of all of this… KPG is also very healthy for you. This study simply shows that KPG is a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. This study, and this study, found that KPG improves brain functions like memory and mood. And this study found that after 3 months of taking KPG, subjects had better immune-system markers than the placebo group, showing that Ginseng may also be a powerful immune-system-booster along with being an erectile function booster, which makes sense as its in line with other adaptogens which seem to also benefit the immune system.

Conclusion: Korean Panax Ginseng, Take It

In short, KPG is a wonderful substance for any man to use in supplementation. The benefits go beyond sexual function, possibly into testosterone, improved health, vitality, and even memory. So, where should you get your full, daily dose of quality Korean Panax Ginseng? Man Mojo is a new supplement that helps men get their mojo back. Man Mojo contains full, daily doses of ingredients that are actually PROVEN to boost both sexual desire and sexual function. Simply put, while other ‘libido boosters’ contain small amounts of ingredients that work so they’re effectively useless… Or are filled with catchy ingredients with high market awareness that have been shown to do nothing… MAN MOJO actually works! Radical, I know. But, now you can get the 6 most powerful libido-boosting nutrients on planet earth - including a full dose of Korean Panax Ginseng - in one single serving of Man Mojo (on sale now)!
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