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Maca: Potent Libido Booster and Aphrodisiac

Maca: Potent Libido Booster and Aphrodisiac

Maca (Lepidium Meyenii), a superfood - in that it's incredibly nutritiously dense - from Peru that's been used for centuries by natives does, indeed, increase libido, sexual function, and sex drive if it's taken in the correct amount.

Now, sex drive, libido, even sexual function among men seems to be declining, or at least we're hearing more about men with issues in this area.

Why is this? What can you do about it? Will Maca help?

Maca Root: Potent Aphrodisiac and Libido Booster

Why may you be experiencing low sex drive?

It's important to know why a low sex drive exists assuming that all things are normal (ie. attraction to your lady is still there, and things like that). Needless to say if you're not attracted to your lady you won't have your old sex drive.

That said, younger men are starting to experience low sex drive and impotence and the reason for younger men to experience such a horrifically emasculating thing like not being able to get it up is often tied to porn.

Porn gets you addicted to the visual, while training you to get the endorphin release that sex provides without needing a lady.

If you're experiencing low sex drive, start by cutting out porn.

And then get active...

A decline in testosterone (which is closely linked to reduced sex drive) is often tied to age, but we're seeing that it may be the increased inactivity as we age that sends testosterone plummeting.

Run, walk, get to the gym and lift heavy weights at least four days a week.

Next is diet.

Carrying too much fat will mean you're likely carrying too much estrogen, as estrogen is stored in body fat in men.

If you're a guy who wants to increase his testosterone levels naturally, I highly recommend you check out the Man Diet (available here for free, just cover shipped).

Maca Root as Libido Booster

Next, it's time to supplement with Maca.

Maca root is one of the best, if not the best, libido boosters on the planet.

It's also been shown to increase erection frequency and quality.

1. In this study Maca was able to significantly increase libido and erectile quality in athletes.

2. In this study Maca was able to significantly increase libido and erectile quality in healthy men.

3. In this study Maca was able to significantly increase libido and erectile quality in subjects who had anti-depressant induced sexual dysfunction.

4. In this study researchers found a compound in Maca that has aphrodisiac-like effects, called “p-methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate”.

As you can see, Maca Root is pretty powerful when it comes to boosting libido and helping sexual dysfunction.

So how much should you take?

The clinically effective dose for men is 1,500 mg.

That is, the dose that you'll need to take to see the benefits is 1,500mg/day of Maca Root, which is what we include in Man Greens, along with other libido boosters like Ashwagandha, and horny goat weed, along with 6 other natural ingredients that boost testosterone and make you healthier (like moringa, spirulina, beet root (helps with bloodflow down there), and others, all in full, clinically effective doses.

Man Greens should be the staple of every man's supplement routine, whether you want to boost testosterone, increase libido, or get a flood of nutritious fruits, vegetables, and herbs into your system that you won't otherwise get in a conventional diet, no matter where in the world you live.

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