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Vitamin D3 For Immunity And Testosterone

Vitamin D3 For Immunity And Testosterone

Vitamin D is one of the 24 essential vitamins needed for human survival. It supports more than 1,000 bodily functions, including boosting your immune system and literally skyrocketing your testosterone levels. Vitamin D occurs naturally in fish and eggs, although one of the best ways to get it is through regular sun exposure.

In other words, you could say that vitamin D is a “super vitamin.” 

But the problem is, studies show that almost 50% of people are deficient in this game-changing vitamin. And if you aren’t paying attention, it’s likely you’re missing out on everything vitamin D has to offer. 

Even though most people use it because it’s proven to be heart healthy and good for the bones, consistent vitamin D supplementation (in the proper dose) will do much more than just improve bone and heart health. In this article I’m going to show you why vitamin D is absolutely essential for improving your immune system and taking your testosterone to new levels. 

And at the end of the article, I’ll show you the easiest way to get more vitamin D into your system daily. But first let’s look at the science.


Vitamin D and Testosterone

Vitamin D isn’t truly a vitamin. It’s better than that…  

It’s a steroid hormone, mistakenly named as a vitamin.

Like I mentioned before, this hormone D, regulates more than 1,000 bodily functions, including everything you need to be successful as a man — like fertility, growth, hormone secretion, and sexual function. Needless to say that if your serum vitamin D levels are too low, more than 1,000 bodily functions are also somewhat impaired, especially testosterone. 


Here’s the connection between the two:

  • A study published in the Oxford journal, Clinical Endocrinology, found that men with optimal vitamin D levels had significantly higher testosterone levels and lower SHBG count, than men who had insufficient amounts of the vitamin in their blood serum. SHBG is a hormone that attaches to testosterone and basically makes it useless in the body. So the less SHBG you have and the more testosterone you have (which can be accomplished with vitamin D), the better off you’ll be. 
  • A study from the journal, Hormone and Metabolic Research found when healthy males supplement with vitamin D daily for an entire year, they had more than 25% higher testosterone levels than the placebo group. 
  • An eye-opening study from University Hospital Zurich, found older men who supplement with vitamin D are more likely to have healthy testosterone levels as they age. Having optimal testosterone levels supports bone health, and the study showed it decreased risk of falling. 
  • This study from Harvard School of Public Health found there can be a “plateau” of vitamin D and testosterone benefits (though like I said, most men are likely deficient in this important vitamin and don’t fall into this category). In the study, they tested 1362 male subjects, and the results show that vitamin D has a positive association with serum total and free testosterone levels. However, when the amount of vitamin D in serum goes above ~80 nmol/L (pretty much optimal), the increase in testosterone plateaus. 
  • A 1939 study from Dr. Abraham Myerson found getting vitamin D from sun exposure can have a huge benefit for your testosterone levels. The study showed that just 5 days of UV light exposure to the men’s chest area increased testosterone levels by a whopping 120%. When their balls were exposed to it, there was a 200% increase. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Men with low vitamin D levels are much more likely to have low testosterone levels when compared to men with optimal amounts of vitamin D.
  • Healthy men who decide to supplement with a low dose vitamin D can expect to have around 25% more testosterone in their bloodstream after a year of supplementation.
  • If your serum vitamin D levels are already in the optimal range, you might not get a testosterone boosting benefit from extra supplementation. However, this is VERY unlikely. A good chunk of the population is vitamin D deficient, so if you aren’t getting a ton of sunlight and eating a fish and eggs heavy diet, you’re likely missing out.


Vitamin D and Immunity

On top of its huge testosterone-boosting benefits, vitamin D is also an important nutrient for improving immune system health. Having an optimal immune system is key for protecting your body against viruses, including novel viruses like COVID-19. 

Here’s what the research says about the connection between vitamin D and your immune system: 

  • A study published in the Central European Journal of Immunology found vitamin D plays a critical role in promoting an optimal immune response. It has both anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory properties that are necessary for activating the immune defense system. 
  • Another study published in the journal, Immunology shows vitamin D increases T-cells that basically keep your immune system on “high alert” at all times to promote a quick immune response to foreign pathogens like invading viruses.
  • A review from the Journal of Investigative Medicine found vitamin D is so important for immune function that if your vitamin D levels aren’t optimal (again, they likely are NOT) then you have an increased susceptibility to infection, disease, and immune related disorders.
  • Vitamin D deficiency has been linked in studies to lung infections. If you’ve been following the evolving information about the COVID-19 pandemic, then you know having any kind of lung or immune issue can potentially make you more likely to be affected by the virus. 


Key Takeaways:

  • If you aren’t paying close attention to vitamin D supplementation, it’s likely you have a vitamin D deficiency which can be linked to an under-performing immune system. 
  • Vitamin D optimizes the immune system and keeps it on high alert against invading viruses and bacteria. 
  • Vitamin D is an anti-inflammatory hormone that keeps your immune system healthy and protects against high cortisol levels which can throw hormones and immune functions out of whack. 


Now What?

Alright, man so there you have it. 

It’s absolutely crucial for your diet to be rich in vitamin D for your immune system and testosterone health. But like I said, most guys are deficient in this important vitamin, and if you aren’t paying close attention, it’s likely you’re deficient in it, too. 

Now, some of the best ways to increase vitamin D intake is through eating fish and eggs, and getting sunlight. 

But if you’re like me and you live in a climate where it isn’t sunny year-round, and you aren’t shoveling fish and eggs down your gullet throughout the day, it’s likely your vitamin D levels (and therefore, your testosterone and immune system) aren’t where they should be.

That’s why, coming soon, I’m releasing a brand new supplement called [name of supplement] that contains 2000 IUs of vitamin D3 — to help guys like you get the most out of your testosterone levels and immune system so you can live optimally and perform at a high level at all times. This is by far the easiest way to boost serum vitamin D levels in your body and unlock all the benefits I mentioned in this article. 

Click HERE to pre-order [name of supplement] now for a special discount. 

You’ll be glad you did,

  • Chad
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