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8 Foods That Boost The Immune System

8 Foods That Boost The Immune System

We’re always talking on here about the kinds of foods every man should be eating to boost testosterone levels. 

But with the coronavirus floating around and with no real hands on solution for it yet, I want to focus on foods that will boost the immune system, today. The reason is because the immune system is made of immune cells that protect the body from invading viruses and eliminate those viruses before they multiply in the body. When the immune system is compromised, well, that’s when it’s difficult to maintain your health. 

Now here’s what I’m NOT saying. 

I’m not saying that if you eat these foods, you shouldn’t take precautions regarding the coronavirus. I’m not not saying this is a cure or a guarantee that it won’t affect you in any way. The purpose of this article is to give you some foods that you can eat on a daily basis that’ll boost the performance of your immune system now and when we aren’t on “high alert”. 

So check out the following 8 foods, get them into your diet, and boost your immune system as a result.

Also, make sure you read to the end, because I’ll share with you probably the easiest way to boost your immune system each morning in just a few seconds. 


  1. Citrus Fruits

This one’s probably not a shocker to you. 

Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, lemons and limes are packed with vitamin C — which is a workhorse vitamin when it comes to boosting the immune system. There are dozens, if not hundreds of studies showing that vitamin C protects immune cell health, and improves the strength and response time of your immune system. 

So get one of these fruits into your diet on a daily basis. 

And hey, if you want to get an effective dose of vitamin C into your diet without going to the grocery store, check this out.


  1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain an ingredient called lycopene (which is what gives them their red color). 

Lycopene is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world, meaning it protects cell health, including the immune cells. It does this by minimizing a process called “oxidation” in the body, which can cause a chain of events that compromise the immune system. 

Yet, according to a research group from Poland, “Lycopene appears to be a universal medicine for calming oxidation in the body.” (study)


  1. Oats

Oats are a soluble dietary fiber which contain an ingredient called beta glucan. 

Beta glucan has been shown in multiple studies to activate a series of processes in a person’s immune system to keep it running as efficiently as possible. (study, study) In fact, Beta glucan is known as an “Immuno-Modulator,” meaning it modulates or changes the immune system to respond better to its environment.


  1. Spinach

Spinach is packed with vitamin C and other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that have been shown in dozens if not hundreds of studies to be optimal for the immune system. 

Spinach is also rich in beta-carotene, which has been shown in studies to help boost the infection-fighting abilities of the immune system. And another study published in the journal The Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, found beta-carotene, “Can enhance cell-mediated immune responses, particularly in the elderly.” 


  1. Turmeric

Turmeric strengthens the immune system by reducing inflammation that causes cortisol levels to rise and oxidative stress to happen in the body. One study from the University of Texas goes as far to say the ingredients inside turmeric (specifically curcumin) are potent immunomodulatory agents that are so helpful they may be used in future treatments of immune disorders. 

Turmeric is also rich in antioxidants that have been shown to boost immune system performance. 


  1. Moringa Oleiferal

Studies show moringa oleiferal has 7x more vitamin C than an orange and 15x more potassium than a banana. And according to multiple studies (too many to list here) both vitamin C and potassium are crucial for attaining optimal immune health (study, study).  

The vitamins and minerals inside are going to give your immune system a helpful boost. Plus, an animal study published in the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology concluded that Morniga Oleiferal can stimulate cellular immune response in animals and that a lower dose of it was actually more effective than a higher dose. 


  1. Garlic

Studies show garlic contains compounds that help the immune system fight germs. (study, study)

A German study found whole garlic contains a compound called alliin. Allicin quickly converts to other sulphur-containing compounds thought to give garlic its medicinal properties. These compounds have been shown to boost the disease-fighting response of some types of white blood cells in the body when they encounter viruses, such as the viruses that cause the common cold or flu.


  1. Spirulina

A 2000 study from UC Davis School of Medicine found that adding spirulina to cultured immune system cells significantly increased the production of infection fighting cytokines. 

Also, a group of studies published in the journal Cellular and Molecular Immunology found spirulina can be particularly helpful in boosting the immune system of elderly people. Like moringa oleifera, spirulina is also a powerful antioxidant, which means it protects cells (including immune cells) from free radical damage so they can function at their best. (study, study)


Now What?

So like I said, if you want to boost your immune system, try to get more of the foods above into your diet. 

And if trying to get all of these foods into your diet sounds like a chore, I want to give you an easy way to get 4 of the ingredients I mentioned in this article downloaded into your diet in just a few seconds each morning. 

All you have to do is take Man Greens.

Man Greens contains spinach, turmeric, moringa oleiferal and spirulina — which have all been shown in studies to strengthen the immune system so that it performs better. Remember, I’m not saying Man Greens is a cure for any kind of sickness or virus. But it can help your immune system function better so that you’re better protected against them. 

Check out Man Greens for yourself by clicking HERE.  

You’ll be glad you did. 

All the best,

  • Chad
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