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Can Greens Boost The Immune System?

Can Greens Boost The Immune System?

I’ve been getting this question from a few people since the virus has been circulating the 24/7 news cycle:

Can Man Greens boost the immune system? 

I get it. 

With the virus going around, people are just starting to wake up and realize how important it is to keep your immune system working optimally. And that doesn’t just mean when there’s a novel virus boogeyman out there that we aren’t quite sure how to put down yet. But that means ALL the time. I’ll say it again:

It’s important for you to boost and safeguard your immune system at all times. 

And even though it’s important for all men to take care of your immune system, it’s especially important for family men. Plain and simple, if you’re a family man, it’s likely that your loved ones are counting on you to stay healthy so that you can protect them. Your family is counting on you to take care of your immune system and optimize your health — because at the end of the day, you’re their foundation. If something goes wrong, you’ll do whatever you can to save the day.

Think about it for a minute… 

Why do you think your partner gets on to you about eating a little healthier, or getting in better shape, or making sure you take care of yourself? It’s probably because she isn’t sure what things would look like if something were to happen to you. 

Now, I’m not trying to use a scare-tactic or anything like that with the virus going around. But it’s turbulent times like these that make us think a little bit harder about the importance of being men who take care of our bodies — not only when some new health crisis strikes. But also when life is back to normal. 

So that’s why in today’s article I’m going to share the science behind some of the ingredients inside Man Greens and why they’ll help make your immune system stronger, smarter and more alert to help protect your health.


Moringa Oleiferal 

Moringa Oleiferal is one of the ingredients inside Man Greens that a lot of guys kind of look past. I think the reason is because it doesn’t have a name that really grabs your attention, like Horny Goat Weed or Maca. 

However, when it comes to boosting your immune system, Moringa Oleiferal is one of the most powerful ingredients on the list. For starters, Moringa is packed with vitamins and minerals — especially ones that are beneficial for the immune system. 

For example, studies show Moringa has 7x more vitamin C than an orange and 15x more potassium than a banana. And according to multiple studies (too many to list here) both vitamin C and potassium are crucial for attaining optimal immune health (study, study).  

It’s also important to note that vitamin C is an antioxidant, which means it prevents a common process in the body called “oxidation.” Oxidation happens when free radicals damage cells in the body — yet vitamin C is proven to protect cells against free radical damage, and the better protected they are against free radical damage and oxidation, the more better they’ll be able to focus on guarding your body from viruses. (study, study)

The vitamins and minerals inside are going to give your immune system a helpful boost. Plus, an animal study published in the Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology concluded that Morniga Oleiferal can stimulate cellular immune response in animals and that a lower dose of it was actually more effective than a higher dose. Inside Man Greens, we have a 1 gram dose of Moringa Oleiferal which is the better-performing low dose. 



Next on the list of immune-boosting ingredients inside Man Greens is Spirulina. 

A groundbreaking study (at the time) from UC Davis School of Medicine found that adding spirulina to cultured immune system cells significantly increased the production of infection fighting cytokines. 

The head researcher of the study, Judy van de Water says after the study, "People have used foods like… spirulina throughout history. Through research, we are learning exactly how these foods improve immune system function and how they are a beneficial addition to our diet."

A group of studies published in the journal Cellular and Molecular Immunology found spirulina can be particularly helpful in boosting the immune system of elderly people. 

Like Moringa Oleifera, Spirulina is also a powerful antioxidant, which means it protects cells (including immune cells) from free radical damage so they can function at their best. (study, study)


Spinach Powder

Inside Man Greens we’ve also added Spinach Powder. 

Spinach is packed with vitamin C and other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that have been shown in dozens if not hundreds of studies to be workhorses for the immune system. And when you combine Spinach Powder with the other ingredients I’ve mentioned in this article, you’re going to be pretty well set on your daily intake of these important nutrients. 

Spinach is also rich in beta-carotene, which has been shown in studies to potentially increase the infection-fighting abilities of the immune system. 

In one study published in the journal The Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, beta-carotene, “Can enhance cell-mediated immune responses, particularly in the elderly.” 

Beta-carotene also has been shown to increase immune cell numbers and activity and to enhance cancer-fighting immune functions in healthy people.


Now What?

With those few ingredients at your service, Man Greens will be a solid supplement to add to your morning to help boost your immune system and protect your body better when your kids bring some flu bug home from school, or when it’s cold and flu season, and even when a novel virus is going around. 

Now, listen closely…  

I’m NOT saying Man Greens is a cure to any virus. What I’m saying is that if you take it consistently, it can help your immune system to function at higher levels so that you can have a stronger defense system against whatever is going around and more peace of mind. 

So my recommendation is that you check out Man Greens by clicking HERE

Grab a few bottles for yourself and enjoy its testosterone-boosting AND immune-boosting benefits. You’ll be glad you did. 

All the best, 

  • Chad 
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