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How Compound Interest Will Help You Dominate 2022

How Compound Interest Will Help You Dominate 2022

The purpose of a year, in part, is to figure out how to make the next one better.

Sure, we're in the moment, we're enjoying where we are, the challenges we face, but we ought to also be learning, constantly.

By that logic, each year should be better than the previous one.

​There are catastrophes, deaths, break-ups, divorces, bankruptcies, and failures of all kinds sprinkled into all of our lives, but if we're growing, learning, and evolving, those things are a part of the tapestry of life, they are not little hell's, but a part of an overall experience.

In this way, life, the compiling of years stacked on top of one another works like the compounding of interest in an investment.

We stack knowledge and wisdom on top of one another until we're operating on a level where we do the right thing - or the best thing - in a given moment.

We see the problem as it is, not as our emotions make it out to be.

We choose the long term benefits over the short term pleasures.

We make rational decisions based on knowledge accrued, rather than emotional decisions that we inevitably end up regretting.

We still stumble, fall, and fail, but we learn from each scenario rather than wishing they were not so.

How has this year prepared you for a better year in the next?

Are you wiser, smarter, in better shape, healthier, leaner, stronger, tougher?

You should be.

I say this to myself as well, of course.

The whole purpose of this company is to fuel the driven life, to fuel your body to be able to claim your ambitions.

Some people will degrade your dreams. They'll belittle them. They'll laugh when you say you're going to lose 25 pounds or make a million dollars or whatever.

They don't respect themselves enough to work toward their dreams, so they'll cut yours down, bring you down to their level.

There's a massive flaw in these people; they think that dreams aren't true, but I'd argue that they're the truest thing we have.

I'll never forget this quote from Steven Pressfield, it's one I've thought about ever since I read it:

“Ambition, I have come to believe, is the most primal and sacred and fundament of our being. To feel ambition and to act upon it is to embrace the unique calling of our souls. Not to act upon that ambition is to turn our backs on ourselves and on the reason for our existence.”

Don't brush off your ambitions, no matter how grand and impractical.

One thing I've learned this past year is that anyone can do anything.

And not 'within reason'.

The most uninspiring kid can become a billionaire, to use an extreme but genuinely true example.

The problem most face, especially today, is that they expect it to happen immediately.

We think we're God's gift to whatever we're trying to do and with a little hard work, a year or two, we think what we want is supposed to come.

That's not how it works.

Compound interest is how it works.

Stacking days, months, and years of acquiring knowledge, wisdom, and stacking good habits on top of one another is how you get what you want.

So, please, stay the course.

Stay in the fight.

Keep making those incremental improvements that you can't yet see in your bank statement or in the mirror.

Forget about social media.

Forget about seeing someone else's end result - or fake end result that they want to show you.

Forget about what others have or have done.

Stay in your lane.

Fight your fight.

Don't expect anything to come, just commit to learning and improving.

Lost in all of this ambition, is the simple fact that we're alive.

Being alive is a great and wondrous thing, no matter the situation.

I've been at the lowest of lows, many times. Not a dime to my name, living in a horrible apartment. But you realize looking back that these tough times make you better.

And in some ways they're enjoyable.

You realize what really is important.

So get after it, but also be in it, appreciate it, be grateful for it all.

2022 will inevitably be your best year yet because of all of the knowledge you've acquired in years before.

And, for the simple fact, that you will make those incremental improvements.

You will win the journey, and love it along the way.


Be legendary,
Chad Howse
Founder, MITA Nutra


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