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No One Will Outwork Me (the MITA motto)

No One Will Outwork Me (the MITA motto)

"No one will outwork me"...

It's a simple note I write in my little notebook to start each day as a reminder of what I can control, namely effort.

There's much we can't control...

We can't control the family we were born into, genetics, the place we were born, our height, hairline, or luck.

I'd say most people are weighed down by the things that are out of their control.

They torture themselves by adding weight to these events that happen to them rather than focusing on their part in this whole game of life.

While there may be a lot we can't control, we can control what we do.

Every single moment of every single day we make a decision to do something.

I don't write this to even glorify hard work, but to highlight how to be happy.

We equate work with suffering. We think success is at the end of a lot of pain. But when we do our best in life - and our best is usually a disciplined work toward a goal - we end up with profound meaning and happiness.

I write "no one will outwork me", in part to reach an end goal, to build this incredible company and to see more guys like you improve...

...But I also write that because I am happiest when I know I'm doing my best.

And no matter what new age nonsense you've heard lately about following your muse or your passion or doing what makes you happy...

... Doing what makes you happy isn't actually short-term pleasure-focused.

Rather, it's long-term pleasure focused.

Meaning, you make a disciplined decision in the moment, like doing the work you need to do, to create some future reward.

You don't seek the reward now, without having earned it.

That's something we're missing in this discussion about hard work.

Sure, it gets you a reward, but the work itself is also a reward.

Maybe if we talked about discipline in this way more often less people would be broke, fat, out of shape, and killing themselves daily with unhealthy habits.

Rather than focusing on some end, some reward that isn't guaranteed, and instead focusing on the immediate benefits of doing the work, of being disciplined, of working hard...

...The confidence, the joy, the incremental improvements that create compounding results...

We'd have a healthier outlook on how to live.

In short, forget short term desires for immediate pleasures.

Step back, detach, see how they hurt you in the long term.

These immediate pleasures make us fatter, weaker, and less free.

Discipline, however, gives us the freedom to live life as our best selves, to reach the heights we were put here to reach, to experience the thrill of victory and the glorious agony of defeat.

This, as corny as it sounds, is the MITA way.

Man In The Arena.


It's not just a supplement company, it's a commitment that 'no one will outwork me'.

And if they do today, they won't tomorrow.

Be Legendary, 
Chad Howse
Founder of MITA Nutra

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