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The Lies We're Told About Happiness

The Lies We're Told About Happiness

Everything you've been taught about happiness by your culture, society, family, religion, anything... Is a lie.

Lie #1: Happiness is a good goal

Happiness isn't something you can do anything to achieve. It's not a goal. It happens. It is. You are naturally happy - look at children, they're naturally happy because they don't attach their happiness to something that they do not have. You do not achieve happiness, you are happy, you simply wake up to the reality that you do not need a single thing to find happiness.

Lie #2: You want to be happy

You don't. I don't. What would you rather have, millions of dollars, a dream house, wealth, power, and no money worries, or happiness? See what I mean? There are things we want more than happiness, and these attachments become our focus. We chase them tirelessly expecting to gain happiness from attaining them, but they will not deliver it. Chase them, pursue them, but don't delude yourself into thinking these are what will bring happiness. Happiness isn't dependent on something. It simply exists.

Lie #3: You need to get something to be happy

There's nothing you'll achieve that will bring you happiness, not deep, strong, long-term happiness. Your wife isn't going to make you happy, nor should you depend on her to do so. Nor your kids, your new truck, that dream house that you dream about nightly. If men can be happy in Concentration Camps, that's proof that happiness isn't dependent on anything external, and it's by being aware of this simple fact... That nothing will 'bring you' happiness, that you make happiness possible. So, now comes the big question... How do you allow happiness to ensue while also being a winner, a productive human, a great man, how do you have that pride in who you are while also not being deluded by the fact that these victories in your life will make you happy? This is a long and loaded question... If happiness isn't dependent on anything - and it shouldn't be, this is true happiness, and self-reliance all balled into one...

Then why do anything?

The answer is preferences, and games. These goals you have should be seen more as preferences. The outcome is what you prefer, the work is something you love, even the struggle aspects of it, because it makes you feel alive, proud, purposeful. There are also games we choose to play... The success game, the money game, the big house game, the family game... These are all games we choose to play in life, nothing more. These games are not life, these are not where we find meaning in life, they are simply games... And the best way to be done with them is to win them... ...While still not caring if it all gets taken away from you in an instant. Define the game. Define what victory in that game is so you can be done with it and just enjoy life. The money game... Set it at 50 million net worth, or 1 million, or whatever. Just know when you're done so you don't get stuck in the rat race trying to chase something that never ends and will never bring you happiness. The family game... build one. Become a good father, husband, and all that. But understand when you've won the game. Of course you're always improving, but you're improving for the love of improvement, not to win the game you've already won. Are you seeing how this makes you unbreakable? I was struggling with how to word this... It can't be an article about not wanting victory, because I think we create life through the expression of our skills, our talents, even effort in worthy work. While, at the same time, we cannot delude ourselves into thinking that we need anything to be happy! You don't need a family to be happy. You don't need millions of dollars to be happy. You don't even need the family you have right now to be happy. That may rub you the wrong way to read that, but it's true! A lot of this made me defensive when hearing it, reading it, figuring it out... I have attached my happiness to a lot, I've deluded myself in the course of doing so, removed happiness from my life and put it on something in the future... You love them. You protect them, provide for them, lead them, but your happiness is independent of them... This makes you a better protector, provider, and leader, one who isn't doing so because of fear. Finally, being aware of your attachments is the only way to remove stress, fear, and worry from your life. While fear can be a motivator, it's an unnecessary one because it clouds your thinking. You want to be a clear thinker who does things because you want to do them, not because you're afraid of failing at them or losing them. A life without worry, fear, and that worrying form of stress is a powerful life! Identifying your attachments... That is, the things you think your happiness depends on... And simply understanding that they're attachments, and you would prefer to achieve them or have them, but you're going to be happy whether you get them or not, is the path to true power. There's a lot in this. When you come across something that gets you defensive - like you don't need millions to be happy - think about it. Be aware of what you're attaching your happiness to so you can see that you're going to live a great life with or without those attachments. That's power. Speaking of stress... Gain power over stress by how you think, but also use nature. There are a classification of foods called adaptogens that lower stress. They're all natural, many of them increase testosterone and libido as well... Of the most powerful, you'll find them all in Man Greens and Man Mojo... Our western diet is completely lacking this powerful type of herb... > > > Get your full dose in the Libido Stack (Man Greens + Man Mojo) and Save Big Be Legendary, Chad Howse
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