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Want To Live a Great Life? Answer These 2 Questions…

Want To Live a Great Life? Answer These 2 Questions…

Two of the most important questions you can ask yourself and take real time and put deep thought into answering:
  • Who do you want to be?
  • What kind of life do you want to live?
Yet we - or at least I - don’t give enough time to fully answering them. I give piecemeal answers like I want this or that or I want to do this daily or I want to be ‘that guy’, never fully diving into ethics, integrity, even habits, persona, character, my true desires and who I am or long term achievement and impact. If you answer these questions you create a fork in the road for nearly every decision you have to make in the run of a day… There’s a split, clarity between the right way - which moves you closer to your ideal or helps you become your ideal… And that degraded version of yourself that you’re likely living as - at least partially - right now (I know I am just a little too much). Clarity is necessary. We need to shine a bright light on the choices we face throughout the day. Many of these choices go under the radar. They’re seen as ‘the way things are’ when they are not the way things have to be. You have 16 hours in a day to live an inspired life. You can break that down into 6 or fewer optimal hours, probably more like 4, to really get great work done. Defining what is inspiring to you, creating a vision about what inspires you, will make every moment of that day a decision, do I do this or do I do that? One decision will be good, the other bad, and then it’s on you to make that decision that’ll move you forward instead of making what’s typically the default decision that will hold you back. Default Decisions: Things like automatically turning the TV on when you get home for work. Missing workouts when you don’t feel like it. ‘Treating yourself’ when you have no real reason to. Pouring a beer - and then two, three, four - when you get home from work. (Read: how to set better goals) No matter what your inspired life is, a book is better than TV for a default, training is better than not training, discipline is better than not having discipline.

What Inspires and Excites You?

Who you want to be and the life you want to live - or what you want to be known for - has to be inspirational and aspirational. That is, it has to inspire YOU and excite YOU. Don’t define who you are trying to become based on what you think others will admire. Drop that. Let’s keep this about you, only then is it genuine and untainted by outside influence of any kind. I need to answer these questions… so I’ll do it here:

What Excites Me? What Life And I Trying to Live? Who Am I Trying to Become?

Being elite in a certain sense has always pushed me forward. And I don’t like putting that term in a box, confining it to one area of life. Sure, you need to focus to win, but living in a way that leads to having no or few weaknesses will improve every area of your life, including that area that is your main focus (for men, a lot of the time, this is our work). I need to break this down a bit more so as to figure out how to live, act, think, to win and be elite in the areas of life that matter to me…


Train. Simply put, train daily. Do the airbike in the morning, lift later, have your two boxing days a week where you’re only boxing. Be process-focused with this so as to make training a matter of who you are and simply what you do, so it becomes non-negotiable. Eat well. Again, make it simple. Three meals a day, categorize those meals to make them simple to make, and make them tasty and enjoyable. An example for you is beet salad plus a steak for dinner. That beet salad can be changed, the form of meat can be changed, but that’s the dinner structure. To keep this exciting, however, a goal is extremely helpful, maybe a fight next year or something like that. (Read: How to create the best morning routine)


Process is everything when it comes to my craft, my work. Much of this is learning, and much of this is thinking. Ideas come to me while walking Teddy, training, reading. The action has to be clearly defined, deadlines have to be firm and met, and the scope of what I try and achieve has to grow, evolve, for it to really be exciting. The better I am, the more I live, the more disciplined I am in every other area, the more daring I am in every other area, the more I’m able to inspire and the greater the business will inevitably be. So while I’ve gotta work hard and tackle a lot, I can’t do it at the detriment of other areas of life because it will oddly enough, be done at the detriment of the work, the craft.


This is life. Travelling to new and exciting places, hunting and hiking in my own back 40. For me, this is a cherry on top, and not more exciting - oddly enough - than any other area of life like you think it would be. While this is a focus, it happens organically, randomly, and on a whim, which is why it is so exciting.


To make everything before this correct, I have to think clearly. This happens in part by being aware of what I am thinking, if there are any thought patterns or prejudices that are influencing my thinking or view of what’s happening, and reading. Lot’s of reading. A sidenote on reading, read what interests you. Love what you read. As you read more and more those things that interest you will become more challenging and diverse. But create the love for reading first, don’t try to challenge yourself with a book or a topic simply because you think it’s good for you to read, it has to interest you.

The Process

To live an inspired life you have to drop the future and release the past and love the moment.
At the root of depression is desiring something you do not have.
You set this ideal for a life, and then you may realize that you don’t have it yet. Maybe there are ‘things’ in this life that aren’t yet yours and you wish you had them. Figuring out who you want to be is about the present. You have to win the moment. You have to win the moment and that’s really all that matters, so spending time regretting past mistakes or being ashamed of who you’ve been up to this point is not just useless, it’s destructive. Spending time daydreaming about the future, thinking about what you don’t have, the house, the truck, the lady, the life, it’s useless. It takes you out of life. Life is only the present, it is not the future nor is it the past. What you do have, and what I have, is the moment, and within this moment we have everything we need to win. You have can train, eat right, do your work, and avoid those downfall/default decisions that degrade you.

The Struggle IS NOT REAL

Being elite, being great, being successful, is pitched as a struggle. Think of it like this… There truly is nothing you need that you do not have to be happy. Just like everything that you do have can be taken away from you and you can still be happy. You do these things, you love the pain, the work, the discipline because it brings you joy, it gives you pride, it gives you confidence, but most importantly… This is how to live. Laziness is not life. Avoidance of success is not life. To put your talents - no matter how great or small they are - to use is living. Enjoy this process. It is not a struggle. Stop thinking about it as if it is, that creates unnecessary tension. There’s no point. Live an inspired, excited life and things that seem like a struggle to outside observers are pleasures and joys to you. Get after it my brother.
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