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How a Group of American Men Are Repairing Hormones, Improving Health, and Re-invigorating Vitality

And A Simple Morning Routine To Supercharge Muscle, Energy, And Bedroom Performance By 10 AM…

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Monday, January 23 ‍
by Chad Howse


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Supercharging your health and hormones can be life-changing, and shockingly simple.

I started a quest of sorts some 15 years ago to optimize my health and my hormones, and to help other guys do the same. In those 15 years, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend, that, when you look at the science, isn’t all that surprising.

Maybe you’re experiencing these same symptoms?

More and more men are experiencing low libido, low T, low energy, drive, and overall vitality than ever before. Men are also experiencing greater numbers of depression, too.

It’s not just our health that seems to be in trouble, but our quality of life. Years ago, I read about a study that at least somewhat explains this.

The study was out of Massachusetts which found a 60-year-old man in 1987 had an average testosterone level around 17.5nmol/L[1]. While a 60-year-old man in 2002 had an average level of 15nmol/L. Essentially, average testosterone levels in a population are declining on average by about 1% annually.

And we base what’s ‘low’ on current averages, not what’s optimal for a human male. So you may have ‘ok’ T levels today, but they’re not okay when you look at the level they were decades ago.

This is concerning because of how this article started. More men are experiencing low libido, low T, low energy, drive, and overall vitality than ever before. Men are also experiencing greater numbers of depression, too.

Testosterone plays a role in each of these issues. Low T increases the chances of depression, impotence, obesity, and low energy.

This Massachusetts study isn’t a stand-alone study, either.

Research on Finnish and Danish populations have shown the same trend[2],[3]. As well as a more recent study in Israel that has shown how average testosterone levels have dropped between 2006 and 2019[4] by over 10% across all ages.

Bar graph showing decline in median total and bioavailable testosterone levels in aging Massachusetts men over time.

This shows a few things.

  1. a) This decline in anabolic hormones in men isn’t a matter of age, but of other factors.

  2. b) By fixing these other factors we can solve the symptoms of low testosterone.

It all started 50 years ago when plastics, pesticides, and perfumes (found in shampoo, deodorant, body wash, shaving cream, etc) were introduced into our everyday lives. [1] [2]

And when doctors suddenly claimed that eating bacon, eggs, and steak was a “heart attack waiting to happen” (dietary fats actually increase testosterone as cholesterol is a building block of the hormone) - and you should swap those foods with ‘low fat’ corn flakes and frozen waffles (which lower testosterone). [3]

But also with social media, and increases in stress. Rather than living our own lives, we compare how we’re doing to how others are doing, which is stressful because there’s always someone doing more.

Stress increases cortisol, which lowers testosterone and energy over the long term.

Since then, every generation of men has seen a disturbing decline in T levels. Meaning… 

Your grandpa had higher testosterone levels when he was your age than you do right now. Same with your dad. And unless you take a stand and raise them right, your sons will have the lowest testosterone levels in the history of mankind.

This stunning generational decline in T levels explains why you can look at old photos and films of people in your grandpa’s day, and all the guys look fit and strong instead of fat and weak like the majority today.

In fact, the picture below went viral recently because it showed the clear difference between a man 50 years ago and one today.

Side-by-side comparison of a vintage photo and a modern photo, both featuring a man in shorts with a similar pose.

I call this disturbing trend the “fall of men”

It’s leading to the downfall of masculinity. And we’re seeing the effects in society, our economy, in our kids, and everywhere else.

Because the world always operates better when there are lots of GOOD men with healthy testosterone levels and healthy overall hormones.

There’s no denying it. T levels are dropping at a scary rate, and even our levels of low energy, chronic stress, and depression are rising with them. The good news is, you don’t have to be a victim to it anymore.

The only greens formulated for men's health & hormones with full doses of proven ingredients.


How to beat the great fall of men and begin to rise again

Many moons ago I wrote a book titled The Man Diet. It’s all about how to boost T levels naturally and reclaim the health, strength, and drive that every man needs.

Tens of thousands of men have implemented the strategies in that book and are thriving because of it.

In The Man Diet I cover one way to battle against the generational decline in T levels: by consuming a balanced diet with animals & animal products (their fats are the building blocks of T), good carbs (to keep stress hormones in check), and a selection of organic greens and a handful of ancient, organic anabolic superfoods to manage stress and actively increase testosterone.

Organic is actually important, while being more expensive, they are NOT sprayed with estrogen-laden pesticides that drop T levels. [1]

But, speaking specifically to the anabolic superfoods that support optimal T levels, I know from experience that trying to consume them every day is time consuming, tastes like crap, and is crazy expensive.

In fact, after releasing The Man Diet, one of the most common emails I got was:

“How the hell am I supposed to get all those organic anabolic superfoods into my diet?”

Good question. That sent me on a journey through the mass “greens powder” market.

It would make sense that if men need more of these to keep their T levels up, then any greens powder would do, right? WRONG!

I’d rather drink diesel fuel than the greens powders I looked at, and here’s why:

None of the greens powders were made for men.

In fact, they all contained ingredients that raise estrogen levels and lower T!

And yes, this includes possibly the most popular greens powders out there, even the ones that you get ads for on Facebook and YouTube. The ones recommended by influencers and even scientists and popular podcast hosts.

They’re laced with T lowering ingredients.

Ingredients like licorice, reishi mushroom, and milk thistle. (Not to mention pointless “filler” ingredients like alfalfa and wheatgrass in lieu of the more effective and healthier 5 grams of spirulina which they ought to have for health & immunity).

Plus, they don’t use all organic ingredients to create their formulas. And like I mentioned earlier - if it ain’t organic, it’s laden with pesticides that have contributed to the massive decline in male hormones.

So drinking those greens powders — whether from Wal-Mart, Amazon, or from a fancy website with a bunch of paid reviews from influencers — only makes the testosterone collapse worse.

You think you’re doing something “healthy” for your body. But in reality it’s playing a part in making you soft, sluggish, and it’s why you’ve lost your killer instinct.

I was pissed that I couldn’t recommend any greens powders to guys who wanted to battle back against the testosterone collapse…

So I created Man Greens -

the first and only greens powder for men

The response to Man Greens has been phenomenal. It’s quickly become the most sought after greens powder for men who want to reclaim their masculinity — body, soul, and spirit.

All it takes is mixing a delicious scoop into a glass of water and letting the ingredients work their “manhood magic”.

Men who drink Man Greens every day are motivated to hit the gym, losing fat and building muscle, enjoying boundless energy and stamina, and are performing like their younger selves in the bedroom again.

They feel driven, alive, and like they’ve been given a second chance to be the men they want to be.

Since releasing Man Greens there have been a lot of counterfeits.

Certain men’s health companies say they have a greens powder “for men” too - but if you look on the ingredient label, it’s packed with T lowering ingredients.

Enough about them.

Here’s how Man Greens can help reverse the Fall of men and the Testosterone Collapse:

Man Greens is formulated with 8 of the most powerful T boosting superfoods on the planet.

All of the ingredients are organic and are in their science-backed dosages (proven to work in human clinical trials).

It also comes in a delicious natural lemonade flavor. (It doesn’t taste like lawn clippings like most greens powders).

The first ingredient is 400 mg of organic KSM-66 ashwagandha, which is the most powerful form of ashwagandha ever studied. Ashwagandha is an ancient Indian herb that works as an “adaptogen” - meaning it helps the body maintain balanced hormone production. [1] [2]

In the case of testosterone, KSM-66 ashwagandha detects when your T levels begin to drop and then boosts those levels back within a normal range. And it does this in a unique way, by triggering the process to create more T in the brain by increasing luteinizing hormone (LH) that kicks off the entire process. It also helps improve muscle recovery and reduce stress levels in men. [3]

Next is 800 mg of organic white button mushrooms. This is the most powerful mushroom for helping to flush excess estrogen out of the body, which helps guys maintain healthy T levels. [4]

White button mushrooms also help to block a process called “aromatase”, which is when the body converts T into estrogen. By blocking this process, your T levels can remain high, and your estrogen levels can remain balanced. [5] [6]

Man Greens also has 5 grams of organic spirulina and 1 gram of organic moringa. These are quite possibly the most powerful superfood “greens” in the world because they’re packed with antioxidants, iron, potassium, calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin C - all of which help to maximize T production. [7] [8]

I’ve also included 250 mg of organic forskolin, which is a powerhouse Indian herb for men. It helps to “activate” receptors in the body where T can enter the DNA and make a noticeable difference in how someone looks, feels, and performs. [9]

Forskolin has such a powerful T boosting effect that, in one study, men who consumed it daily had an easier time losing body fat and building muscle. [10]

Man Greens also has a 200 mg dose of organic tongkat ali, which is the best tested and proven herb for increasing T levels in men — also leading to increases in energy and muscle mass. [11] [12]

And the final two ingredients — 1.5 grams of organic maca and 1 gram of organic beet root - help to increase nitric oxide and blood flow, helping to boost workout stamina and sexual performance. [13] [14] [15]

Plus, better blood flow improves how “T” moves through the body and attaches to receptors where it can start making a physical and mental impact.

The only greens formulated for men's health & hormones with full doses of proven ingredients.


Man Greens is the “Holy Grail” of Men’s Health

It’s helped thousands of men around the world battle the “testosterone collapse”, boost their masculinity and feel like the best version of themselves.

- James

I’m almost 65 yrs old. I started stocking wine at an outlet store 5 years after I retired. My body wasn't recovering from the harder work, even though I religiously work out at Planet Fitness. My nephew recommended Man Greens. OMG! After just one week, I feel so much better! I'll be a regular customer.

- Harold

This is the best tasting greens drink I’ve ever tried and it’s making a noticeable change to my body and life. I needed to get more greens into my diet, and this does the trick!

- Israel

I’d recommend Man Greens to any man. It’s done wonders for my body. I used to have man boobs, but I don’t anymore thanks to this.

- Rich

I have searched for a product specializing in men's needs without a lot of fillers or processed ingredients, and this is the ticket. It helps with nutrition, energy, and my workout routine. Being a busy dad with several jobs and 8 kids, my tank is empty frequently, but this stuff really makes up for a lot where my body falls short. Great taste too!

The only greens formulated for men's health & hormones with full doses of proven ingredients.


If you aren’t taking Alpha BRAIN®, you are operating at a disadvantage.

Find out why.

The only greens formulated for men's health & hormones with full doses of proven ingredients.


Test it and see for yourself

All you have to do is click the button that says “Order Man Greens”, select how many bags you’d like us to send you, and we’ll get your new daily ritual for boosting T in the mail so it arrives 5-7 business days from now.

I know a lot of guys are skeptical about supplements. But the bottom line with supplements is you never know how well it’ll work for you until you try it.

And the good news is you can try Man Greens risk-free.

Every purchase is protected with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love it, then let us know and you get your money back.

With that said, since releasing Man Greens, I’ve gotten 1, maybe 2 refund requests. And, that’s fine. I can’t please everybody.

But the overwhelming majority of men who order Man Greens and take it every day for at least 60-days see truly life-changing results.

And there’s no reason to think you’ll be an exception.

The only greens formulated for men's health & hormones with full doses of proven ingredients.


The only “problem” we’ve had with Man Greens - Is keeping it in stock!

I knew that using only organic ingredients in their clinically effective dosages would make it challenging to keep Man Greens in stock.

But it’s a price I was willing to pay to create a greens powder for men that does everything it promises.

So, if you’re interested in trying it, don’t wait, because we will run out soon. And when we do, it could be 4 weeks or longer before we’re back in stock.

That’s a good reason to choose the “3 bags on subscription every 90 days” option on the next page.

You won’t only save money, but you’ll also secure 3 months of Man Greens, so you don’t have to worry about running out anytime soon.

I’m excited for you to try this. Go ahead and click that button below to start battling back against the testosterone collapse, boost your T level, and build the body and life that every man deserves.

The only greens formulated for men's health & hormones with full doses of proven ingredients.


The only greens formulated for men's health & hormones with full doses of proven ingredients.



The only greens formulated for men's health & hormones with full doses of proven ingredients.

Three packages of Mita ManGreens superfood powder for men with orange flavor.

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