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Take These Ingredients to Boost Testosterone

Take These Ingredients to Boost Testosterone

Here's something most supplement companies won't say:

Take every ingredient in Man Greens...

...And every ingredient in Man Boost EVEN if you don't take them in Man Greens or Man Boost.

They're all VITAL to creating the optimal hormone levels you need to thrive in life...

Whether that's gaining more muscle and recovering faster...

  • Having a stronger sex drive...
  • Having a healthier mind...
  • Burning fat easier and faster while holding on to muscle...
  • Even warding off deperession...

Use the ingredients! Heck, go to the website (, read the ingredients on the bottle label, and go buy them (while you're there, notice how we don't hide behind proprietary blends, I give you the ingredient and the amount you should take it).

What you'll find is that you'll spend $500 a month doing so.

That's what I found out, that's also why I created these supplements (one of many reasons).

Doing research over the years on testosterone I found how important every ingredient is, and how I - and other men - are lacking them completely in our diet.

I've been supplementing with each ingredient for a while, and it's insanely expensive, far more expensive than getting Man Greens and Man Boost by a long shot.

And, our lab double-tests every ingredient that goes into each supplement... TWICE.

Once when the ingredient arrives to make sure there aren't any other substances in them (metals etc..), and again when their blended to make sure that nothing else got in, and that the full amounts of each are in each serving.

I know for a fact that other labs don't do that, they just get the cheapest ingredient available (which usually means low grade with other things in it).

I could've put anything in Man Boost and Man Greens...


But I specifically chose to put what's in both because they not only work, they're the best ingredients you can find.

I could have put catchier ingredients with more awareness in the market, like...

Tribulus for Man Greens - but it doesn't work, so I didn't include it.

Or Chrysin for Man Boost, but again, it doesn't work, so I didn't include it.

Somehow the ingredients above are perceived to work - I could include antler velvet in the list among others - but the fact is that they don't.

Man Greens has insanely powerful ingredients in it, and they're all in their full clinically effective amounts.

Ashwagandha on it's own has been consistently shown to increase testosterone by more than 100 points (or 100 ng/dl - the means by which we measure testosterone).

Spirulina is one of nature's most potent superfoods, yet most greens supplements only include a gram or less when you need between 2-10 grams to be effective.

Forskohlii enhances androgen receptor sensitivity - which makes your testosterone actually usable.

And that's just Man Greens.

Man Boost was created with micronutrients and molecules that help boost T...

While Man Greens is herbs and vegetables that help boost T...

If you want optimal testosterone levels, both are very helpful.

Boron increases testosterone in men, zinc increases both testosterone, reduces estrogen, and increases free-T and DHT...

IC-3 flushes estrogen out through the liver...

Resveratrol blocks estrogen, it's a great anti-cancer property that's also being shown to reduce the impact of aging.

On top of having the best ingredients, I also included the best forms of those ingredients.

I put in the more expensive and effective zinc picolinate, when citrate and oxide are perceived to be fine by the market, but just aren't as good.

I used resveratrol vesisorb, which absorbs 100x better than other forms of resveratrol (yes, 100 TIMES!).

Taking Man Greens at around 11am - noon to break your fast is a powerful addition to your day, your health, and your hormones.

Taking Man Boost along with it, or in the evening (when I take it), helps block your body from converting testosterone to estrogen, and then flushes chemical estrogens out through the liver.

> > > Get Man Greens HERE (on sale)

> > > Get Man Boost HERE (on sale)

Or, just buy each ingredient individually and take them.

If, of course, you want to make sure you're leaving no stone un-turned when it comes to your hormonal health...

And as we've covered in previous emails, your hormonal health is under attack.

Take the ingredients to win the battle!

Be Legendary,
Chad Howse

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